Approval Workflow for Files


The Approvals Workflow is a systematic process designed to ensure that files added to the network meet required standards and receive necessary approvals from designated stakeholders. This guide will walk you through each step of the approval workflow process, from initiating a request to sending it out for approval.

Initiate Approval Workflow

To initiate the approval workflow, start by selecting who to send the approval request to. You can choose individuals or teams who need to approve the file, such as specific colleagues, department heads, or external partners.

After selecting the recipients, customize the message for the designated users. Tailoring your message provides context and any specific instructions for the approvers, helping them understand the importance and urgency of the approval.

Next, select the default permissions for approvers. You can choose from several permission levels:

  • Owner (full control over the file, including editing and sharing rights)

  • Editor (ability to edit the file but not manage sharing permissions)

  • Viewer (can view the file but cannot edit)

  • Viewer (No download) (can view the file without the option to download it).

After setting permissions, define a deadline by setting the expected approval date and time, ensuring timely reviews and keeping the workflow on schedule.

Finally, review the document link that will be sent to verify that the correct file link is included in the approval request, ensuring that approvers have access to the right document.

Advanced Options

After setting up the initial details, click the Next button to proceed to the next stage of the workflow.

At this stage, choose whether all approvers must approve before the document is marked as approved. You can decide if unanimous approval is required or if the document can be approved with partial consent, which can be crucial for compliance and decision-making processes.

There is also an option to automatically resend approval requests when a new version of the document is available. Enabling this option ensures that approvers are notified and prompted to review new versions, maintaining an up-to-date approval status.

You can navigate back to previous steps if needed to revisit and adjust any details in the workflow, allowing for corrections and updates before sending out the request. Once everything is in order, finalize the process by sending out the approval request to the selected approvers. They will receive notifications and can begin their review based on the permissions and instructions provided.

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