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The video transcript feature in the Files Module offers a highly intuitive user experience with a redesigned interface, improved element highlighting, and advanced search functionality. Users can sync transcripts with video playback, enjoy auto-scrolling, and manually navigate by clicking transcript sections to control the video. Additional features include multilingual support, a "Copy Link" option for sharing specific transcript sections, and responsive design adjustments for smaller screens. These enhancements make navigating, searching, and interacting with video content both intuitive and efficient, catering to a diverse user base and facilitating collaborative efforts.

Search Functionality

Advanced Search: A robust search feature has been added, allowing users to quickly find specific words or phrases within the transcript.

Highlighting Search Results: Search results are highlighted in different colors, distinguishing the current search result from others.

Transcript Navigation

Real-Time Highlighting

  • Sync with Video Playback: The transcript automatically highlights the section corresponding to the current video playback time.

  • Auto-Scroll: As the video plays, the transcript auto-scrolls to keep the current section visible at the top.

Manual Navigation

  • Control Video Playback via Transcript: Clicking on a transcript section will move the video to the corresponding time.

  • Return to Current Time: If you navigate away from the current transcript section, a "Return to Current Time" option appears, allowing you to quickly return to the active part of the transcript.

Language Options

  • Multilingual Support: Users can select their preferred language for the transcript, which defaults to the language set in their user profile.

  • Instant Language Change: Switching between languages (e.g., English, Spanish, German) updates the transcript in real-time.

Additional Features

  • Share Specific Transcript Sections: The Copy Link option allows users to generate a link to a specific part of the transcript. When opened, the video will start playing from that point, and the corresponding transcript section will be highlighted.

Transcript Controls

  • Next/Previous File Navigation: Easily navigate between files (e.g., from a video to a PDF) using the next and previous buttons. The transcript for the current video can be accessed by clicking the transcript icon.

  • Responsive Design: On smaller screens, the transcript icon appears without the label, ensuring the interface remains user-friendly and accessible.

Multilingual Accessibility

  • Support for Multiple Languages: The ability to switch transcript languages caters to a diverse user base, ensuring everyone can follow along in their preferred language.

By incorporating these improvements, the transcript feature in the Files Module now offers a more dynamic and user-friendly experience, making it easier to navigate, search, and interact with video content.

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