Site Tasks


From this tab, admin users (and those users/segments with active permissions) can manage and create Site Tasks.

Site Tasks Toolbars

From this tab, site managers can view all assigned site tasks as well as track the progress of these tasks. Search for a specific task using keywords, customize the display of tasks based on specific criteria, and even arrange tasks based on different parameters such as priority, due date, or status.

Site Task Summary

From the summary pages, site managers can review the details of the task, review the status, and execution percentage.

Details: Provides a comprehensive summary of each site task, including descriptions, checklists, and attachments.

Execution: Offers insights into task execution status, ensuring transparency and accountability.

From the 3-Dot action menu next to each location name, site managers have the option of sending a message to the specific site's responsible users.

By leveraging the Site Task Management system's capabilities, administrators and users can effectively coordinate and oversee site-related tasks, facilitating smoother operations and improved task management efficiency.

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