Native Video

Boost employee engagement by integrating immersive video content into your intranet platform.


View & Manage All Your Videos In One Place

See all of your video content in a single location to get an overview. It's user-friendly and easy to access.

  • Host, upload, and manage videos in a centralized location

  • Keep private videos secure within your company’s MangoApps environment

  • Eliminate the need for a third-party video platform

Stream Videos From Anywhere

Record, upload, share, and stream videos directly from the mobile app, letting your employees consume media content from wherever they are.

  • View media content on any device without having to download any additional software

  • Filter by content type, sort, and more for quick on-the-go access to media

  • Gain insight into video engagement with in-depth analytics

View By Permission

Upload videos into specific teams, folders, and groups to ensure that the only people who can view it are those with permission. Videos can also be made public and shared company-wide, if needed.

Discoverable Video Content

Quickly discover new video content with advanced filtering. Filtering options include category, type, hashtags, transcripts, and more.

Searchable Transcripts

Videos are automatically transcribed, making them easily searchable within your MangoApps intranet. Employees no longer need to sift through countless videos, trying to find a specific topic.

A Media-rich Intranet

Incorporate video content into every element of your intranet, including the News Feed, Dashboard, Posts, Pages, Libraries, and more.

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