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As a built-in communications tool, MangoApps’ Chat feature makes it easy for employees to communicate efficiently with teammates at any time and anywhere. Our customers use Chats for ongoing, current conversations and collaboration, allowing users to conveniently stay connected to their teams no matter where they are, at the desk, or on the go via their mobile devices. Chats will reach and engage every member of your team - from frontline employees to deskbound staff - while ensuring users receive relevant information and critical updates in a timely manner.


MangoApps’ Chat tool includes many valuable frontline, deskbound, and top-down communication features, allowing staff to share updates, stay informed, and collaborate from any location.

Streamlined Communication Features

  • Multi-Platform Access: Available in-browser, on mobile, and as stand-alone Windows and Mac apps, employees within your organization can readily reach each other on their preferred devices.

  • Status Updates: Automatic “Online,” “Idle,” and “Offline” statuses make it easy to see who’s available to chat; even customize a personal status for a more specific “away” message to keep your colleagues in the know.

  • Unread Counts: Easily recognize messages awaiting your response with clear unread counts, so you can dedicate time to each of your Chats as needed.

  • GIFs & Emojis: Add some fun to your Chats and engage users with expressive GIFs and emojis.

  • Quick Reactions: The “react” option lets recipients respond concisely without triggering notifications, eliminating notification overload for other members of the Chat.

  • Important Messages: Marking messages as “important” will audibly notify the recipient & move the message to the top of their inbox while overriding their phone’s Do Not Disturb setting, ensuring crisis updates reach your employees.

  • Broadcast Blasts: When communicating important announcements to large group Chats, turn off the “reply” allowance to create broadcast-style messages, curtailing a burdensome amount of notifications.

  • Settings: Customizable notification and sound settings let you determine how your Chat alerts arrive, so you can pick the preferences that keep you informed but not distracted.

Efficient Collaboration Features

  • Department-Based Chats: Easily create Chats based on entire Departments, Projects, or Groups within your domain for segmented communication with relevant teams.

  • File Sharing: Collaborate effectively by sharing photos, videos, and documents via Chats. Chats also act as file and resource repositories, storing all the files shared in that Chat for easy access later on.

  • Targeted Audiences: The ability to create ad hoc group Chats leaves those irrelevant to the conversation undisturbed and focused on their tasks.

  • Video Chat & Screen Share: Sometimes speaking out loud gets ideas across easier - use Chats’ screen sharing and video conferencing features for quick, one-on-one collaboration sessions.

  • Pinned Chats: The Pinned feature allows quick access to your most commonly contacted colleagues so that you can reach your go-to collaborators effortlessly.

  • Muted Chats: The ability to mute Chats when you’re not actively part of the conversation allows users to focus on what’s important without distraction.

Information Integrity Features

  • Archivable Content: Admins can choose who has the ability to delete messages from a Chat, ensuring important data or evidence doesn’t disappear.

  • Maintained Security: Set messages to “self-destruct” after a certain time, from as soon as the message is read to 7 days after the message is sent, to protect sensitive information from being tracked or shared.

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