Pending Approvals Widget


The Pending Approvals widget is an essential tool for efficiently managing all your approval tasks. By consolidating document approvals, tracker workflows, user access requests, moderation tasks, and more into a single widget, it saves you time and simplifies your workflow. Utilize the 3-dot action menu for item-specific actions, recognize different entry types through unique icons, and handle change requests or approval comments directly within the widget.

Accessing Pending Approvals

The Pending Approvals widget consolidates all items requiring your approval into a single, convenient view. This includes:

  • Document Approvals: Quickly approve or reject documents that need your authorization.

  • Tracker Approval Workflows: Manage and approve workflows within trackers.

  • User Access Requests: Review and act on requests for user access.

  • Flagged Items for Moderation: Moderate items that have been flagged within the system.

Managing Approval Requests

The widget allows you to perform a variety of actions directly from its interface:

  • 3-Dot Action Menu: Next to each item in the queue, you'll find a 3-dot action menu. The options within this menu change based on the type of item, providing relevant actions such as:

    • Viewing feed entries

    • Deleting moderated items

    • Approving or rejecting access requests

    • Approving documents

    • Change Requests

  • Approval Actions: Depending on the item, you can approve, reject, or delete it directly from the widget. This ensures all your pending approvals are managed in one place without needing to navigate to different modules.

  • Change Requests and Approval Comments: If an item requires changes or comments, the widget will prompt you accordingly. You can enter necessary information directly within the resulting pop-up.

Recognizing Entry Types

Each type of entry in the Pending Approvals widget is marked with a unique icon, making it easy to recognize at a glance:

  • Document Approval Icon: Indicates items that are documents needing approval.

  • Tracker Workflow Icon: Shows items related to tracker approval workflows.

  • User Access Icon: Denotes user access requests.

  • Moderation Flag Icon: Flags items requiring moderation.

With the Pending Approvals widget, you have a powerful tool to keep your approval tasks organized and manageable.

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