Get reminded about important dates


The newly added MangoApps features of Smart Reminders let MangoApps do the work of not just reminding you, but also the upfront work of setting up the reminders for your events, tasks and approval requests.
MangoApps also allows you to create a reminder in feeds for which you wish to be notified at a certain point of time. The reminder will only be visible on your calendar.

Create a Reminder from Your News Feed

MangoApps makes it easy to create reminders to put on your calendar.
From an item in your news feed, select the three dot menu. Then, select Set a Reminder.
Set the Date and Time you want to receive the reminder. You can add a note of 300 character of fewer. Finally, select a color for the reminder to appear in and click on Save.
Reminder on Calendaqr
You will get a reminder at the date and time your requested. Your reminder will also include the note your added.

Create a Reminder from Your Calendar

In addition to being able to create a reminder from your news feed, you can also create directly from your calendar.
Select Calendar from the left-hand side menu.
Click on the desired date, and then click on the Set a Reminder radio button.
Add your note of 300 characters or fewer.
Then, set the date and time for the reminder and click on Save
Your reminder will only be visible on your calendar. It will not be visible to any other user, including site admins.

Reminders for Events

When you RSVP that you’re attending an event (on MangoApps), a default reminder is automatically set on your behalf for 10 minutes before the start of the event.
Navigate to your calendar and click on the Event. Edit the reminder by clicking on Edit Reminder.
Modify your reminder as desired. You can set the reminder to launch from 1 minute to 24 hours before the event.

Reminders for a Task

When you have a task assigned to you (on MangoApps), a default reminder is automatically set 1 day before the task due date, on your behalf. You can edit the reminder to suit your needs. Navigate to your calendar, and click on the task deadline.
Then, click on Edit.
Modify your reminder as desired and click on Save.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get reminder notifications? Check the platforms on which you want to get your reminder notifications. It can be on the web browser, desktop/Mac app, mobile app and email. On the web to get reminder notification you need to be online with the chat bar enabled.
How to get reminder notifications on iOS/Android clients? Install the iOS or Android app and login into it. Go to the notification settings and turn-on the reminder notifications to never miss a reminder wherever you go. On Android, you have to additionally add the ‘MangoApps Reminder’ widget to start getting reminder notifications.
How to get reminder notifications over Email? To get reminder notifications over Email, ensure that your reminder email settings are enabled in changing my settings > Smart reminders.
Can my reminder on an event be automatically deleted? When you RSVP for an event as ‘attending’ or ‘may be attending’ then depending on your reminder settings, a reminder may be automatically set on that event for you. If you later change your RSVP for the event to be ‘not-attending’ then your reminder set for that event is automatically removed to avoid you being notified on an event that you don’t plan to attend.
Can my reminder on a task I am responsible for be automatically changed or deleted? When you’re the responsible person on a task then depending on your reminder settings, a reminder may be automatically created on that task for you. When you deliver that task or you re-assign it to someone else, then your reminder set for that task is automatically removed. This is done to avoid being notified on a task that you have delivered or re-assigned already (you can create a new reminder again on that task if you need to). Additionally, if your delivered task that is rejected or re-opened and the due date of the task hasn’t passed yet, then a reminder may be automatically re-created on that task for you (if your smart reminder setting for tasks is ON).
Can I set more than one reminder on one item? You can only set one reminder for one item. So for 1 event you can set 1 reminder, for 1 task you can set 1 reminder etc. This is done to keep it simple for you to manage your reminders. You can however use the “snooze” capability or create a recurring reminder if you would like to be reminded again on the same item.
Last modified 3yr ago