Chat, Video & Audio

Collaborate with colleagues no matter where they are with chat, video, and audio

With MangoApps chat, you can collaborate with coworkers no matter where they are. You can easily chat with them via instant message, but also via video and audio.

From the portal, you can access chat from a few ways.

The first way, is from the left-hand navigation bar. Click on Chats to review in progress chats or to start a new chat.

If the chat navigation bar as been enabled on your site, you can also access in-progress chats from there.

Search for colleagues or a team to start a chat with by typing in the search bar.

Lastly, you can access your chats by clicking on Chats in the top right-hand side of the screen.

Configure Your Chat Settings

To configure your chat settings, click on either People or Teams.

Then, click on the gear icon.

  1. Select if you what a toaster notification for user status/presence status for colleagues you are following. If you enable this, you will get a popup notification whenever a user you follow has a change in their status status.

  2. Select if you a toaster notification for new messages you get. If you do not enable this feature, you will still be notified in the chat bar and the chat bubble at the top of the screen, but you will not get a popup notification.

If you do not see the chat bar at the bottom of your screen, you admin may not have enabled this feature.

Start Chat from People Directory

You can also start a chat session with another use by going to the People page. Click on the three dots and select Send IM for any user in the system.

Review Open Chats

Click on Chats on the left-hand navigation bar. This screen will show you all chat sessions you currently have active.

Chat Window Options

Inside an individual chat you have options to make using it and finding crucial information a breeze.

  1. Search within a single chat for a desired information

  2. Refresh the chat window to ensure latest chat messages are available.

  3. The three dot menu allows you to:

    1. View the Profile of the person you are chatting with

    2. Copy Messages

    3. Delete Specific Messages

    4. Delete All Messages

If you do not see the option to delete messages, your domain admin may have disabled this feature on your site.

Chat Status

With MangoApps you can set a chat status to let others know what you are doing. You can also set yourself as Do Not Disturb so that you are not bothered by notifications about new messages.

  1. To set your chat status hover over your name

  2. Select Set Status

  1. If desired, input a custom status. If you put in a custom status, it must be 150 characters or fewer.

  2. Alternatively, you can select one of the out of the box statuses

Once you select a status, you can select whether or not to enable Do Not Disturb. If you enable Do Not Disturb, you will still be able to chat and read your messages, but you will not be notified as new messages come in.

You can also select to have the system automatically clear your status after a certain time.

Share a Media File

With MangoApps chat, you can easily share a file with another user.

From the chat window, click on the Plus symbol.

Click on Attach File.You can also have the message flagged as important or require a Read receipt.

Select the desired file from your computer and click Open to attach it.

The system will display a message letting you know that the file is uploading.

The user will get a message that someone wants to share a file with them.

As these files are shared, MangoApps will show and play the rich media content like videos, images, GIF, and audio files inline. You can also download these media files or just view/play it directly in chat box.

Chat Options

  1. View Profile of the user you are chatting with

  2. View Chat History between you and the selected user

  3. Send a Gif to the user. Note: If your site admin has disallowed gifs, you will not see this option

  4. Send an emoji

Make an Audio/Video Call

With MangoApps you can easily make video and voice calls.

In order for video and/or voice calls to work, MangoApps Huddle must be enabled on your site. Please see your site admin if this featured needs to be enabled.

Click on the phone icon.

You will be asked to confirm you wish to send the invite for an audio/video call. Click on Yes, Go Ahead to proceed with the call.

Once the other users accepts, your video call will proceed.

  1. See the total duration of your call

  2. Acquire a Share Link. You can share the call with up to two users.

  3. Mute or Unmute your microphone as needed

  4. Turn off or turn on your webcam as needed

  5. View participants in the call

  6. Leave the call

You can invite non-network users on the call.

If you inadvertently leave an audio/video call, you can rejoin the call as long as one other user is still on the call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the max call duration allowed, per video call?

MangoApps, video call (1-1) is allowed for 60 minutes and after 60 minutes the video call automatically gets ended and all of the participated users get notified.

How many number of users can join the MangoApps video call?

Max of 3 users are allowed to join the video call.

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