File Sharing

MangoApps File Sharing simplifies and streamlines team communication. Employees can share and edit files together, providing access to important information and encouraging team collaboration.


Attach And View Files From Any Device

Uploading files to any page, discussion, or post is effortless and allows users to effectively collaborate.

  • Attach, share, and view files directly from the mobile app

  • Users can collaborate on shared files, allowing for feedback and edits

  • Share any number of files, up to 5GB per file

Comment & Collaborate

Users can comment and react to attached files and posts, collaborate offering ideas, feedback, and edits.

Zip File Viewer

Share, open, and view zip files with ease. The built-in file viewer opens zip files, and converts documents, giving users access to its contents for viewing on any device.

Automatic Virus Scanning

MangoApps scans within attachments, including compressed files, and obfuscated files. Any threats are quarantined and unavailable for download to avoid spreading the threat.

Integration With Other File Repositories

MangoApps integrates with Sharepoint, Box, DropBox, and more. This provides users with a great way to share and collaborate on all kinds of files located in other file storage services.

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