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MangoApps Team Admin Guide ​


Create the Intranet you have always wanted with rich, powerful departmental pages for every department, job function or location in your organization. There is no limit to how many departments that admins can create or for their purpose. Users can follow as many departments as they want to get important updates from HR, Sales, or Senior Management. Departments are great places to post news, announcements, resources and links to departmental content, Projects and Groups. Departments are geared towards top-down communications. Members may leave comments and give feedback.


MangoApps Projects are the most feature rich team workspaces for peer-to-peer collaboration. Projects have an activity stream and members list at a minimum, and have 14 additional modules that can be added to suit your unique project’s needs. Projects come complete with timelines, collaborative tasking, localization, and can give you snapshots of progress with customizable health settings, analytics and task reporting. Projects are geared toward getting your projects done in less time with better visibility and communication within your teams, both internally and externally with partners or customers.


Groups are peer-to-peer forums to discuss topics with your colleagues of similar interests, job location, or job function. Groups have a subset of features of the Projects listed above.
The main differences between Groups and Projects are:
  • Groups can be setup as “default” by an Admin, to have all internal network user included automatically. To perform this go to the Admin Portal, Modules, Groups, Select options and Set default Group.
  • Groups do not have schedules or timelines including Start and End Dates.
  • Groups do not have tasks associated with the group or group members.
  • Groups do not have the Time sheets, Tasks, Milestones or Reporting modules.
  • Groups cannot be created from reusable templates like Projects.
  • Groups are included in both Team Collaboration and Social Intranet.

Feature Comparison Matrix

Below is a matrix showing the features and modules available to Groups, Projects, and Departments. This could help make your decision on when to use each one. When there is a dependency (TC) for Team Collaboration and (SI) for Social Intranet will stand next to that item. If there are additional questions about specific areas, please email us with questions.
Ability to set permissions to Public, Private.
Ability to add documents and organize with team folders.
Ability to (TC) invite guest users from outside your domain.
Ability to create Wikis & Posts. Wikis require (TC)
Ability to set as “default” by an Admin, to have all internal network users included automatically.
Ability to create static Pages.
Ability to have a “Cover Image” at the top of the home page.
Ability to (TC) add collaborative tasks, milestones and track progress with health settings and reporting.
Ability to (TC) add start and end dates and track progress with customizable health settings.
Ability to (TC) create and reuse a template to reduce repetitive work during creation.
Ability to view a calendar of upcoming activities.
Ability to view usage analytics.
Ability to create a links library to quickly find URLs shared with other members.
Ability to (TC) have a group chat and view archived chat history.
Ability to configure Email-to-Feed to post emails to the activity stream as an update.
Ability to (TC) integrate from Zendesk, Slack, Pingdom, New Relic, MailChimp, Jira, GitHub, Beanstalk and Airbrake.
Ability to (TC) track time through Timesheets.
Ability to (TC) share progress task reports with team members.
Ability to turn off functionality as a module.

What are the Different modules between Team Collaboration and Social Intranet?

Team Collaboration – Modules:

  • Dashboard – A dynamic customizable widget driven page.
  • News feeds – A collective feed of all the Teams or activity you are joined with.
  • Messages – Private or group messages, like internal email.
  • Projects – A tool rich work space, to collaborate and conduct activities.
  • CRM – Create and organize sales opportunities.
  • I.M. chat – Instant Messaging, one on one or group conversations.
  • Tasks – Create, assign, checklist, conduct, approve and report.
  • Wikis – In app web document, Wysiwyg editor.
  • Ideas – Create full campaigns, or toss one into the box, then vote up or down.
  • Levels and badges – Basic game mechanics, to help motivate continuous contribution.
  • Notes – Private wysiwyg notes, export to PDF.
  • To do list – Create a checklist for your daily activity.
  • Clients app – Local MangoApps desktop client and TinyTake our built in screen capture, recording software.

Social Intranet – Modules:

  • Company – Traditional Intranet pages, static wysiwyg pages or dynamic widgets.
  • Departments – Create sub-intranets for any purpose, maintain content and more.
  • Calendar – Create events and milestones, invite colleagues or outside guests.
  • Media Gallery – Place for collective pictures and videos to reference or enjoy.
  • Birthday gifts – Wish your colleagues a happy birthday.
  • Office fun – Send a fun message to a colleague
  • Mobile Apps – Use MangoApps on your Iphone, Ipad or Android.

Modules found in both Team Collaboration and Social Intranet

  • Files – Structured File repository, with ability to sync, set permissions and more.
  • Groups – Create a robust communication space for a wide range of reasons.
  • People – Your personnel directory, displays detailed profile information.
  • Forms & trackers – Customize or use a template form then view and manage submissions in an assigned team.
  • Questions – Submit questions in the compose box and view the collective answers.
  • Polls – Create a poll in the compose box and view poll results.
  • Recognition – Send configurable recognition to teams or colleagues.
  • Hashtags – Make content more searchable by adding #tag.
  • Bookmark app – Add external application in Iframe or create a URL link.
  • Rss reader – Add your feed subscriptions, view them in the RSS widget.
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