How do I “Move” documents in MangoApps?

Documents can be moved between folders that you’ve created in the MangoApps document cloud. This article discusses files in the following types of folders:

  • Personal Folders

  • Team Folders

  • System-created Folders

Personal Folders Personal folders are those folders that you create in MangoApps that are outside of projects and groups. Personal folders appear under the “My Drive” hierarchy when looking in the “Files & Folders” section of MangoApps.

When moving a file in a personal folder, you can choose any other location for the destination of the file. To move a file from one location to another:

  1. Navigate to the folder where the document is right now.

  2. From the document’s drop-down menu, choose “Move”.

3. Choose a new location in the hierarchy where you will be moving the file.

4. Click the “Move” button to complete the move.

Team Folders Moving documents from Team Folders use the same steps as above with the difference that permissions from the source team can be different than the destination team.

System Folders System folders are created to aggregate files so they can more easily be found. Examples of a system folder are: “My Recent Files” and “Files Shared with Me”.

Files in system folders may be either Personal Folders or Team Folders and follow the same rules with regards to moving those types of files as described above.

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