Departments FAQs

How to post an update/question/poll/blog post to multiple teams?

The network may have a requirement of composing an update/question/post/poll to multiple teams to save time from posting the same content on multiple teams.

In the To and CC list, add multiple teams . Below are the steps to achieve this:

a. Click on “Universal Compose” button.

b. Select “Post/Share an Update”/”Ask a Question”/”Create a Poll”.

c. You can add multiple teams in To/CC list and create an Update/Post/Question/Poll.

d. This will create multiple feed copies (one copy in each teams).

Learn how to use the Universal Compose button here.

You can also compose a post in a team and mention other teams which will share a copy of the post to the mentioned teams.

a. Create an update/question/post/poll inside a team.

b. You can also mention other teams under ‘Comments’ in an Update/Question/Post/Poll.

c. This will ensure that feed copy is shared with multiple teams.

d. The team members of other teams will be able to view it under their news feeds. The feed can also be viewed under ‘Mentions’ tab of News Feed of respective teams.

How can I set-up default landing module in a department?

Non-members of your team (project, departments & groups) by default can be landed on a default module configured by the network admin or the team admin when navigating to the respective team. Learn how to change the default landing page here.

Getting started with departments

The Departments module enables you to organize the intranet around your company departments. It helps you create department pages, share department updates, news, and announcements that are relevant to a department.Learn more about departments here.

How can I merge departments in MangoApps?

In order to merge two departments together, you need to be the admin of both departments.When a department is merged all its content is imported to the destination department and no content is lost. If any module is not enabled in the destination team, then the content from the merged team will appear as soon as the specific module is enabled in the destination department. Learn more on how to merge departments here.

How do I bulk invite people to departments in MangoApps?

Being the admin , you can invite multiple people together to a department using the invite settings as well as bulk import users from a CSV file. Learn more on how to invite network users here.

How can I sync departments in Active Directory or Ldap with MangoApps departments?

You can map your Active Directory departments that can be used as MangoApps Intranet Departments.Learn on how to map department to MangoApps here.

When should I use Groups, Projects or Departments in MangoApps?

Groups,Projects or Departments are referred to as Teams.Learn when to use them here.

What are departments and how do I use them?

Departments in MangoApps are the collection of your intranet data and members into one centralized location. As most organizations use departments to separate job function and location, MangoApps can also separate those pieces of information so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.Learn more on departments here.

Can I attach a document to a team(group, project or department)?

There are multiple ways to upload a file to a Team(Group, Project or Department).

  1. Through a new post to the Team

  2. When commenting on an existing feed

  3. Through Files section of the Team

Have a look here on how to attach files.

How do I rename a team(group/project/department)?

To rename a Team or a Department here, you can simply use the 'Edit Department and Module Details' and change the name to a new one. Learn how you can edit department details here.

How do I set team (group, Project and Department) permissions?

To set/modify permissions for a Team or a Department here, you can simply use the 'Edit Department and Module Details'.Learn more on how to set permissions when editing department details here.

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