CRM & Opportunities FAQs

How can I import a list of opportunities to my MangoApps domain?

If you have a list of opportunities that you would like to import to MangoApps at a go, then this can be achieved using CSV import of opportunities from the admin portal.Learn on how to import opportunities here.

How can I provide access to users to view all opportunities in their MangoApps domain?

Access to all the opportunities can be given to users in MangoApps to allow them to view opportunities in the pipeline for the organization.This will allow top management or leaders to view all opportunities even if they are not a part of it. Learn more on how you can grant opportunity access to users here.

Everything I need to know about crm in MangoApps?

The CRM module enables you to use MangoApps as a standalone CRM or integrate with your existing CRM system to sync opportunities from them. MangoApps supports integrating with CRM packages such as Salesforce, and Siebel, into MangoApps; giving your CRM a full collaboration workspace. It helps you engage a perfect team and expertise together to convert opportunities into deals for your company.Learn more on how you can setup the CRM module here and use the functionality to create and manage opportunities.

How do I pin an opportunity?

Once you have enabled the CRM module and complete all necessary configuration, users may start creating opportunities. For easy and quick access, users may want to pin the opportunities so that they are always at the top and accessed immediately, hence saving the time to search through a list of opportunities.

  1. Click on the CRM option to view all opportunities listed.

  2. On the opportunity, click on the small arrow icon at the top right hand corner of the opportunity which says'view full details'when highlighted.This will open the opportunity feed.

  3. Now click on the “Pin” icon at the options available on the top right hand corner to pin the opportunity.

What is an opportunity in MangoApps?

Opportunities display important details about the deals your teams are working on, like how much each the deal is worth, who you’re competing against, and what stage the deal is in. Opportunities also track all associated activities as they happen to close deals faster. With opportunities, you’ll never be out of the loop.

The Opportunity Management module maximizes the efficiency of your sales team by helping to manage and identify the best strategy for moving to close the deal, capitalize on sales potential with prospects and increase business from existing customers.Learn more on how you can create opportunities using our CRM here.

How do I invite colleagues to follow opportunities in MangoApps?

You may wish to Invite other colleagues to your opportunity.Learn how you can invite members to an opportunity here.

How do I integrate Salesforce as my crm in MangoApps?

You can configure and integrate Salesforce as your CRM in MangoApps. For MangoApps to access your Salesforce account you must have an “Enterprise”, “Ultimate” or “Developer” Salesforce account. “Personal”, “Group” and “Professional” editions of Salesforce do not support the Salesforce Rest API.Learn how you can configure your Salesforce account within MangoApps.

How do I set up my crm in MangoApps?

MangoApps can integrate directly with your existing CRM system.To set up your CRM in MangoApps, you will need administrator access. Read more on the different CRM setup options here.

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