Rewards & Recognitions FAQs

What is the process for an admin to view the history of purchased reward points, including the quantity, purchase date, and allocation status to managers?

This is how the admin can access information about reward points: The 'Reward insights' tab shows the company credit and a history of points loaded/bought, while the 'Reward points allocated' tab shows the number of points distributed to managers/users. Unassigned points can be calculated by subtracting the reward points from the company credit. The 'Recognition report' details who gave points, to whom, and when they were redeemed. If you would like more details, please refer to the recognition module from Admin Guide.

Can a customer request a refund of their unused reward points at any time? Are there any limitations or conditions the customer should know before requesting a refund of their unused points?

There are two aspects to consider: firstly, the refund policy between customer and MangoApps depends on their agreement, and secondly, MangoApps automatically puts non-redeemed employee points back into the company pool after one year, allowing customer to allocate them to managers again.

Where can I find information about the number of points I have available?

You can check the number of available reward points by navigating to the User Portal and accessing the Profile and Timeline section.

Is it possible to restrict awards based on team membership?

Yes, you can manage the award settings from the Admin Portal to restrict awards based on team membership. Here's how:

  1. Access the Admin Portal.

  2. Navigate to the module section and locate the "Recognition" module.

  3. Within the Recognition module, find the Award Configuration settings.

  4. In the Award Configuration settings, you will have the option to enable or disable the configuration of team and colleague awards.

What are the awards & recognition categories we offer?

We offer the following categories:

  1. Above and Beyond.

  2. General Company

  3. Peer to Peer

  4. Retirement Safety

  5. Quality

  6. Top Performer

  7. Welcome

  8. Years of Service

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