How can I embed weather updates in pages?

MangoApps allows you to easily pull in content from external sources and embed the content via widgets within MangoApps. This can be used to embed your weather updates or company stock updates, or any other web service offering iFrame embed code.

Setup instructions to follow on to embed weather updates via widgets within MangoApps:

1) Copy code from an online weather source such as . Please make sure that the code you copy is supported on both on Smartphones and Web.

2) Now, you will have to add the iFrame widget to your Dashboard. The iFrame widget can be added on user dashboard company pages or teams (projects/department/groups) pages. Please note that the widget on company or team pages can only be added by company admin and team admin respectively.

From your Dashboard, click on “Customize” and then “Widget Gallery” to add the widget. From the Widget Gallery, add the widget “iFrame Embed” widget under the Integration category and click on “Done”.

3) You will now have to paste the copied code to the iFrame Widget. Under “Settings”, click on “Set Properties” to paste the weather code copied from online weather source and then click on “Save”. You can also change the Widget name as per your choice.

Weather widget on the web:

Weather widget on a smartphone:

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