Dashboard & Widgets FAQs


MangoApps Home is a collection of widgets, data, and modules. It may act as a home page for users who want to see a collective view of what’s happening in their domain.This is also the Dashboard and is enabled by default. You can customize your home to add different widgets. Learn more on how you can manage/customize your dashboard here.

How do I make my post a must read?

Must read posts are great when you wish to convey to your co-workers that this is a must read post. Must read posts get a special icon on the post title. Learn how to set a post to be a must read here.

Widget gallery is a list of widgets under various modules which can be added to the dashboard and to the sidebar widgets. Learn how to customize the dashboard and add widgets from the widgets gallery here.

What is a widget?

With the MangoApps widget, users can neatly display information on their dashboard, company pages, and team pages (department or group pages). The gallery offers over 50 widgets that cater to user-centric communication.

What are the UI widgets and how can I use them in MangoApp?

UI Widgets in MangoApps are a set of admin-controlled elements that can be customized as Right-Side menu items and Start Screen content.Learn more on configuring these in the Startup Dialog here.

What 3rd party applications does MangoApps integrate with?

MangoApps integrates with other social applications and document repositories including:

  • Facebook, Twitter and Email

  • Microsoft SharePoint

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Microsoft Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint

  • Active Directory or LDAP

  • SAML

  • Google Apps

  • Google Analytics

  • Salesforce

  • Box.com

  • Zendesk

  • JIRA

  • Office 365

  • Google Drive

  • Dropbox

  • OneDrive

  • Windows

  • GoTo Meeting

  • Join.me

As we keep adding content to our intranet, we may sometimes need to add phone numbers for contacts in the widgets, company pages, posts etc. Making the phone number clickable can make it easy for users to simply click the number to make a call, especially when viewing the content through our mobile applications.

When adding a phone number, we can simply select it and convert it to a link. While we create the link, we just need to select 'other' in the 'Protocol' field and insert 'tel:' before the phone number in the 'URL' field.

Here's a video showing the entire process on how we can make a phone number clickable :

How to embed Facebook and Instagram pages in iframe widget ?

Embedding social media pages for your business to the intranet solution can help increase employee engagement exposing them to the public pages, relay marketing information, make them more aware of the brand, increase awareness of the company's customer base and so on.

You may want to embed your business' public page on Facebook or Instagram to be embedded within MangoApps. This can be achieved using the iframe widget available. To generate the correct iframe code for your page, please refer to the information in the following links for Facebook and Instagram respectively.

Once you generate the codes, you can simply paste it within the iframe widget and save it, after which it will display your page within the widget. Please note, that the iframe codes can be generated/used for public facing pages only and not for any private page.

Is there a way to show more than 99 people in the People widget?

No. We can't show more than 99 people in the People Widget.

How many people can be displayed in the People Widget?

The People Widget can showcase up to 99 individuals.

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