How do I embed a form into a page in MangoApps?

How to embed a form?

After you have created the Tracker in the workspace, the Form can be added to a Page, Wiki, and a Widget for users to fill out.

Start out by navigating to the Team in which the tracker resides or to Forms and trackers on the main navigation. We will focus on a Team’s tracker Module.

1. From the Team Tracker select the tracker you need from the list, skip to step 2 if you only have one tracker on that team.

2. Select “Tools” drop-down and “Share”.

3. Choose the “Form” tab and select the arrow on “Embed Code” then select “Copy Code”

4. Create or edit a Page, Wiki, or Widget and paste the code into the “Source”.

5. Save the Page, Wiki, or Widget and your Form is ready for entries.

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