Account & Billing FAQs

How Do I Get Additional Storage Space?

Here is a quick breakdown of the storage provided along with each subscription:

  1. Team Collaboration 10GB per User

  2. Social Intranet 5GB per User

  3. Team Collaboration and Social Intranet combined: 15GB per User

To request additional storage, as an Admin, you can directly contact us and submit a ticket or contact your CSM/TAM.

Understanding domain export xml

Administrators can export domain data in XML format from the admin portal under compliance. The following summarizes each XML element available in the export.

  1. Network general configuration – This contains all Basic Configuration, Invite Settings & branding.

  2. Network timesheet configuration – This contains all the timesheet settings configured on the admin portal under domain -> Timesheets

  3. Network general settings – Provides information such as billing date & storage type

  4. Network security configuration – Provides settings for certain items configured in security such as access from desktop, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry & Android and also the IP ranges configured under browser access.

  5. Network products – Provides information such as plan, price, storage, date of activation, etc. for certain modules like MangoTalk, Files, Tasks, Projects, Ideas & Events

  6. Colleagues – Provides a list of all colleagues along with some information from the profile like email, phone, fax, followers, etc.

  7. Projects – Provides information on the members, activity steams/feeds and settings made in the project. This does not includes information such as trackers & pages or third party integration settings.

  8. Project templates – Provides the settings configured in the template along with activity steams, members, etc.

  9. Groups – Provides information on the members, activity streams/feeds and settings made in the group. This does not include information such as tracker & pages or third party integration settings.

  10. Private chats – These are arranged based on dates along with the user details and the conversations (guessing all private chats of all active/suspended users including network and guest is included here)

  11. Milestones – Provides details on the milestones including the tasks and responsible person, dates associated

  12. Events – Provides detailed information on the type of event, date, time, venue, etc.

  13. Ideas – Provide detailed information on the ideas posted on the network along with comments.

  14. Status updates – List all the status updates posted by network users.

  15. Direct messages – Provides all private messages shared amongst network users.

  16. Tags – These are tags created anywhere across the network

  17. Time logs – Provides all the time sheet entries made on the domain by all the network admins.

How can I export users to a csv file?

Admins can export a list of users from the Admin Portal. Learn how you can export users here.

How do I sign up for a new MangoApps account?

To sign up for a new MangoApps account, please visit the MangoApps pricing page here and book a demo. You will receive a confirmation email to the address you provide.

How is my MangoApps domain url chosen and how can I change it?

Through the different MangoApps subscription levels and deployment options, your MangoApps Domain URL is chosen automatically in Shared Cloud Deployments and can be chosen by you in Private Cloud and On-Premise deployments.Learn more on how to change URL here.

How much space is provided to our MangoApps subscription?

You can view the amount of storage provided per user for your subscription in the Admin Portal. Learn more on how to check the storage space allotted here.

Can people outside my company be included in our MangoApps network?

Yes, out-of-network colleagues can be invited to your MangoApps network if the administrator has allowed it in the Administration Portal’s Domain Management page.Learn more on how you can invite external users to your network.

Who can set up a MangoApps account?

Anyone with a company (private) email address can set up a MangoApps account. Each new subscription receives a no-risk, free trial period. Just visit the MangoApps Signup Page to sign up and request a demo.

How do I sign up for MangoApps if I don’t have a business domain?

To protect your organization from potentially unwanted communications from unknown users and to protect communication privacy, MangoApps does not allow sign-ups from Gmail, Hotmail or other free email services. Instead, your organization must purchase a domain with at least one email address to get started with MangoApps.

Any existing email account can be invited to an established MangoApps domain. The MangoApps administrator would need to enable the option to invite external users without a company email from the Admin Portal before external email addresses would be allowed as members of your MangoApps domain.

How does subscription, plans & invoicing work in MangoApps?

In MangoApps, only active “Network Users” and “Network Admins” are billable users. All other users such as “Guest Users” and “Suspended” users are not billable. Additionally if there is a deactivated user in your paid for user numbers, any new user will fill that vacancy. Read more on billing,subscription and plans here.

How to export domain, projects, groups and documents data in MangoApps?

Domain Administrators (Admin) can export MangoApps data like the communications and membership lists in XML format.Learn how to export data here.

How to resend invitations?

Many a time invitations may go unnoticed and the admin will find it hard to check who is an active user and who isn’t. Hence, when you login to the Admin Portal, a notification appears at the top showing the count of users who have not logged into the domain yet. Click the 'Re-Invite' option with the notification to resend invite for the specific users again.

How do I start translating MangoApps into another language?

MangoApps has a crowd-sourced translation engine built-in with several choices, translations that you suggest will be applied domain-wide to all MangoApps users.Learn how to use the translate module here.

How do I upgrade a guest user to a paid network user?

As an administrator, you can upgrade unpaid guest users to paid network users from the admin portal.Learn here on how to convert guest user to a network user.

Do I pay for the guest users in my MangoApps domain?

You do not need to pay for guest users in your MangoApps domain. There can be an unlimited number of Guest Users in any MangoApps domain.

Will my credit card be charged automatically each month?

Yes, once you provide your credit card information your credit card will automatically be charged after the free trial period has ended.

Is our data backed up in case of an emergency?

MangoApps Data is backed up nightly and written to multiple disks. We can perform full backup recovery if a system-wide emergency ever occurs. Our server hardware is also fully redundant. If one disk fails nothing will be lost and our system will not go down.

What type of special pricing is available for non-profits, universities, or other groups that need MangoApps?

We consider special pricing for non-profits, universities, or other charitable groups that need MangoApps on a case-by-case basis. To inquire about special pricing, please contact us or submit a support ticket.

Can we pay for MangoApps a year in advance? Do you accept pos or payment by cheque?

You can pay for MangoApps in advance and we accept many forms of payment including cheque, purchase orders, and credit cards. Email us at or call us: +1 (425) 274-9950 to set up MangoApps advance payment and alternate forms of payment.

Are there any special or hidden fees with MangoApps that we should know about?

There are no hidden or special fees that are not listed on our subscription plan website: MangoApps Pricing & Plans

How do I cancel / delete my MangoApps subscription?

You can send an email to MangoApps domain administrator to cancel your account or do it directly from the admin portal. Learn on how to cancel your subscription/account here.

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