Mobile Apps FAQs

How do I add files to MangoApps from my Iphone or Ipad?

You can directly attach videos or images from the gallery on your device or capture an image/video with your camera and attach the same to any new updates or comments by launching MangoApps on your iPhone or iPad.Learn more on attaching and uploading files from your mobile devices here.

Why does MangoApps ask for permission to my android contact list?

MangoApps on Android asks for permission to your device’s contact list in order to easily let you choose potential MangoApps colleagues’ email addresses from your Android device’s contact list.

Contacts with email addresses will be suggested with a checkbox next to their name. Checking their checkbox and clicking “Next” shows how many contacts from your device you are inviting to MangoApps.

You have the opportunity to customize the message that is sent to colleagues you have invited. Clicking the “Invite” button will send the invitation to the contacts you have selected and add them to you MangoApps domain.

How do I leave feedback or report a problem on the mobile applications?

You can easily report a problem with the application or leave a feedback from the 'settings' section of the app. Learn how to use the settings option here.

How do I work with tasks on mobile?

Our mobile application platforms also allow you to work with your tasks on the go. Learn how to use the 'Tasks' feature from your mobile devices here.

What features are included with MangoApps mobile apps?

The feature list of the MangoApps Mobile apps (iOS and Android) is growing, and currently have below features:

  1. My ProfileYour profile information

  2. Inbox/News FeedYour MangoApps feeds.

  3. Private MessagesMangoApps 1-to-1 or 1-to-many communication that replaces email.

  4. ChatReal-time instant messaging to 1 or more colleagues.

  5. Company IntranetYour Intranet’s Company News Posts and Pages.

  6. DepartmentsDepartment teams in MangoApps.

  7. ProjectsProject teams in MangoApps.

  8. GroupsGroup teams in MangoApps.

  9. TasksProject and Personal Tasks.

  10. Files & FoldersDocuments and document folder hierarchies.

  11. WikisWikis you can view.

  12. Ideas and Idea CampaignIdea and Idea Campaign in MangoApps.

  13. PostsPosts you have permission to see.

  14. PeopleYour colleagues and fellow organization members.

  15. SettingsMangoApps for iOS Settings

  16. Report a ProblemContact MangoApps for assistance or to report a problem.

Will my mobile device work with MangoApps?

There are native MangoApps mobile applications for the following devices:

  • iPhone / iPod / iPad

  • Android

Other devices can sometimes use the mobile web browser to log in to the standard MangoApps Web Application.

Microblogging on android and ios devices

Microblogging on Android devices is the same in concept as the Web Client or Desktop Messenger but the layout is a bit different.Learn more on using the different options in the news feed here.

What are the various mobile security features and administration in MangoApps?

Your MangoApps domain will remain secure as users connect via their mobile devices. Mobile device management can be customized by the MangoApps Domain Administrator. To configure the settings for mobile security navigate to “Security” from the admin portal.Learn more on the security settings for mobile access to be managed from the admin portal here.

See user devices accessing your domain from here.

See user access logs to find out connected mobile devices here.

What is C2dm for the android client?

C2DM for the Android Mobile Client is “Cloud to Device Messaging”, a lightweight mechanism to tell your Android device running MangoApps that there’s content available on the MangoApps server. Some characteristics of C2DM are:

  • MangoApps does not need to be running to receive C2DM messages.

  • C2DM uses the existing Google account associated with your Android device.

  • Your device needs to be running Android OS v2.2 or higher.

Using C2DM, MangoApps can notify you of updates to tasks, projects, documents or anything in MangoApps without the MangoApps client running in the background.

What mobile management security features are available in MangoApps?

By default, your MangoApps domain can be accessed from the native mobile applications. Network admins can configure the mobile access to with additional security by enabling Touch ID/PIN on it.Learn more on security features for mobile access and connected user devices log here.

Where can I download all of the MangoApps clients?

All the MangoApps clients are available for download within your organization’s domain. Just log in using the Web Client and click on the “Downloads” feature.Learn here on how to download the mobile clients for your domain.

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