How to remove ‘workbook sharing’ message for an MS-Excel file uploaded online on MangoApps?

MangoApps integrates with Office 365 that allows users to edit documents like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint online. Microsoft Online doesn’t allow users to view and edit excel that has workbook shared with other users. Below is the message you get when trying to load a shared workbook online on MangoApps

In order to address the message on this, you will need to first remove ‘Workbook Sharing’ and then upload a new version

Below are the steps on how to remove workbook sharing message while viewing an excel document online in MangoApps:

1. Download the Excel Sheet for which you are the below message.

2. Open the same file in Microsoft Office Native app and Navigate to the Review Tab on the Taskbar.

3. Click on ‘Unshare Workbook’ to remove Sharing

4. Save the file on your system

5. Navigate to ‘Advanced Tools‘ and Click on ‘Upload New Version

6. You should now be able to view the excel file perfectly on MangoApps using Office Online Integration

Below is a detailed video to illustrate this.

Steps for other versions of Excel, where at step three has a different process. Below are the steps for Excel 2013.

Step 3a. Click on ‘Share Workbook’ to remove Sharing

Step 3b. Remove all but one user from the shared workbook, this last person would be yourself. If prompted select ‘OK’

Step 3c. Now Untick the “allow changes” if prompted select OK and then select OK on this dialog box.

3d. Save the file on your system, and go to Step 5 found above.

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