Notifications & Email FAQs

How to mark feeds as ‘read’ for a specific module in MangoApps?

The network user may want to mark certain feeds for modules as ‘Read’, which are not as relevant to user’s daily activity in MangoApps. This can be accomplished by moving such modules to “Secondary Feed” and then marking such feeds to keep ‘Nothing’ unread until user marks them read on the platform.Learn more on setting/modifying your news feed settings here.

Does clicking the "Acknowledge" button on any delivery channel's pop-up window automatically remove the pop-up from the other channels, including the web browser, mobile app, and email?

  • If the user acknowledges the alert on the mobile or web channel, the pop-up will not reappear on the other channel.

  • Once an alert is sent via email or SMS, it is impossible to prevent the user from opening the message and viewing the alert information, even if they have already acknowledged it on another channel. Unfortunately, we do not control these channels once the message has been sent, so we cannot recall the email or SMS.

How to configure web browser notification for MangoApps?

If you’re using Chrome, Safari or Firefox, your browser can generate web notification, web Notifications informs you about chat messages that need your attention, even when you’re looking at a different application or are away from your computer altogether.

MangoApps will display a small popup window on your desktop when you are in a different application. The popup will contain the first portion of the message you received and can optionally play a sound. Learn more on configuring your notifications for your web browser here.

What does the number on the browser tab tell me about MangoApps?

The number that sometimes appears on the browser tab shows the number of messages that have been added to your MangoApps feed since you first started viewing the current page. This number is different than the number of total unread messages that you have.

How do I avoid inundating team members with notifications after every intermediate wiki update?

The two recommended methods are:

  • Create a “Sandbox” Project By creating a sandbox project that your colleagues are not a part of, you can perfect the wiki formatting and content through multiple revisions without sending unnecessary notifications to other people. Once your wiki is well constructed, you can “Move” the wiki to the proper project and hierarchy.

  • Edit the Wiki HTML Outside of MangoApps By editing your wiki’s HTML outside of MangoApps, you can get the entire wiki done in an external text editor or WYSIWYG and then copy the source to your MangoApps wiki in a single update.

Learn more on using wikis here.

How do I turn on/off different notifications in MangoApps (native app/web/mobile app)?

MangoApps allows you to enable/disable different types of ‘Alerts & Notifications’. Learn more on managing your in-app and email/web notifications here.

How can the domain admin set email notifications for users?

The domain admin has the ability to set the default email notification settings for users in MangoApps. Learn here on the different email notifications options and on scheduled digests notifications here.

What is C2dm for the android client?

C2DM for the Android Mobile Client is “Cloud to Device Messaging”, a lightweight mechanism to tell your Android device running MangoApps that there’s content available on the MangoApps server. Some characteristics of C2DM are:

  • MangoApps does not need to be running to receive C2DM messages.

  • C2DM uses the existing Google account associated with your Android device.

  • Your device needs to be running Android OS v2.2 or higher.

Using C2DM, MangoApps can notify you of updates to tasks, projects, documents or anything in MangoApps without the MangoApps client running in the background.

When I assign a task to a colleague or a project, how are people notified of the task?

When Project Tasks are assigned, a feed is posted to the project’s news feed. Members of the project will also receive the feed on their respective news feed and part of the feed in the project.Alternatively, if the user has enabled email notifications, they would also receive a notification as email in the registered Inbox. Learn more on how notifications are generated on the news feed.

Who is Notified when I Complete a Task?

  1. Personal Task - If the task is for “Everyone in Network” then every colleague that follows you will be notified as part of the Main Feed. If the task is “Private”, only the Responsible Persons and Task Approvers of the task will be notified.

  2. Project Task - If the task belongs to a project the Task Approvers will be informed when a task is complete. However, all members of the project can proactively go and check the task status irrespective whether they are a Task Approver or not.

Why do I need an MX record for my MangoApps domain?

MX records are the DNS settings that associate your domain to the servers hosting your users’ mail accounts. You create MX records to deliver mail to users on specific servers. With MX records, mail can be routed to servers based on their assigned priorities using values like 10, 20, 30, and so on. The lowest value gets highest priority.

An Example:

  • Your MangoApps Domain URL is:

  • An MX record must be created for:

Note: MX records are required for MangoApps to receive emails, not to send them.

Where do I go to set an MX record?

To set the MX record, you need to go to your domain registrar or service that hosts your DNS and find the utility that allows you to set an MX record.

What if I don’t know who/what my domain name server is?

You can do a “Name server” lookup using (not affiliated with MangoApps):


From nameserver you can hopefully figure out who the DNS provide is.

What do I need to set in the MX record?

Once you’ve found the MX record utility at your domain registrar, set the following information:

  • Host - The URL of your MangoApps deployment. Consider this example that shows the subdomain, domain, and extension (dot com, dot net, etc):

  • Priority - The priority level of 10 is recommended.

  • TTL (if applicable) - 1 hour (60 minutes or 3600 seconds), whichever is offered.

How can I test the MX record settings that I have made are working?

The MX changes you have made may take up to 48 hours to propagate. You can test the MX records that are found for your domain using this site (not affiliated with MangoApps):

The setting you have made for your domain should appear in the list with the settings you have chosen.

Do posts that are opened via email count as read?

Yes, they are. The domain administrator can allow users to opt-in for email notifications by enabling the email field setting. By default, notifications are sent to the user's primary email address. To confirm if a post has been read, check for the notification in the email and click on "View" to redirect to the post, where the count can be viewed.

Can you turn off notifications when pages are created?

Yes, you can turn off notifications when pages are created.

To do so, go to Navigation > Settings > Configure Notification > Pages, and then disable all the page-related settings.

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