What are the MangoApps Client Support Options?

There are several ways to contact an MangoApps support engineer depending on which MangoApps client you are using. Desktop and iPhone MangoApps clients have an inline support feature that will initiate an e-mail directly to our support team. Use the “Email Support” option below for Web and Android (or any) MangoApps client email support. Phone support is also available during business hours Pacific Time.

Support requests are handled in the order that they come in and are prioritized by our support staff based on your MangoApps subscription level and priority ranking of the issue. To see more information regarding MangoApps subscription levels and priority ranking, visit our Contact Us page.

An initial response to your support request will ALWAYS arrive within 24 hours. Some solutions require a longer period of time based on the nature of the issue. We strive keep you informed of your issue’s progress.

  • Inline Support Contact support directly from the MangoApps client you are using when you want to ask us a question. To locate the inline support option from within any client, follow the steps from one of the following:

    1. Desktop From the desktop, click the “Gear Menu” -> “Help” -> “Report a Problem” menu to open a composition window where you can describe your problem. Use as much detail as possible when describing your issue to ensure a proper solution from our support professionals. When you’ve finished composing your support request, click the “Send” button. You will be contacted by our support staff in the order that your request was received, based on priority.

2. iPhone To receive support from your iPhone, simply navigate to the Login screen and click the “Report a Problem” link at the bottom of the screen. An email composition window will appear allowing you to describe your issue. Please be as detailed as possible.

  • Email Support Email MangoApps Support directly using support@mangoapps.com and receive an initial response the same day. Support requests are handled in the order they arrive.

  • Phone Support To reach MangoApps Support by telephone during normal Pacific Time business hours please call the number listed on our support site. Voice-mail messages can be left and will be responded to within one business day. Phone Support is reserved for paid subscriptions while free subscription phone support is currently being handled on a case-by-case basis.

  • Guest Users Guest users may not have a path to download The Desktop Client for their use, in that case please use this link Desktop Client This will give you access to the downloads page.

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