How can I post a picture hosted in MangoApps cloud in a wiki?

If you want to embed a picture in a MangoApps Blog, Post or Wiki today there are two options:

  • Use a picture from your computer’s hard drive

  • Embed a picture from a URL

This article covers the steps to embed a picture that is stored in MangoApps using it’s URL.

If you were to do this from any other website like Flickr, Picasa or a hosted website, you need to obtain the URL of the picture. Typically this URL will allow you to open ONLY the picture in a web browser without the rest of the website displayed. Below is an example of a right click on a picture using the Google Chrome browser from my Flickr site.

Here is the URL this action captures:

Notice how it ends in a .jpg? Clicking on that link above will show you how it can open in it’s own browser window/tab. We know we have the right URL.

So, if we wanted to do the same in MangoApps, this can be done from the Files & Folders menu on ANY picture in MangoApps. While you are in your Wiki, from the left navigation, just right click and open the Files module in a new tab in your browser to not lose your work on the wiki page.

Do a quick Search and select the file you want to use, then choose “View” from the drop down.

This will give you the pop-up file viewer. Just right click on the image and just like what we did on Flickr, choose “Copy image URL” to copy the url to your clipboard.

Now, back to your Wiki in the other tab, we can use that URL to embed this picture in our Wiki like this, click the “Image” button, and paste the URL, Click OK:

And we are done. Picture is embedded in the Blog/Post/Wiki with a picture that is on MangoApps. Just publish your Wiki and enjoy!

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