When I assign a task to a colleague or a project, how are people notified of the task?

When Project Tasks are assigned, a feed is posted to the project’s news feed. Members of the project will also receive the feed on their respective news feed and part of the feed in the project. Examples are below.

Alternatively, if the user has enabled email notifications, they would also receive a notification as email in the registered Inbox.

Main News Feed or Project News Feed

By default this will be in the secondary feed, this can be configured by your domain admin or as a network user. This will also be in your normal notifications.

On the Dashboard

Widgets will drive your notifications on the dashboard. There are 3 Task-related widgets.

1. The Task widget like the main Tasks module will display all Pending, Completed, Delegated, Milestones Views.

2. The “My Project Task Summary” will allow you to leaf through the summary for each project you have tasks in.

3. The “My Task Summary” Gives an overall summary for yourself.

4. Last is the Notifications Widget which will display all notifications including Tasks.

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