How do I use my microphone to record audio with TinyTake?

Audio recording in TinyTake is restricted to the sound that comes in through the attached or built-in microphone on your computer. Sounds that play through the speakers of your computer will not be recorded unless the sound is picked up by the attached or built-in microphone or you use a loopback.

You can use the Windows Mic Training Wizard to test your microphone.

  1. On your computer keyboard, click the + to open the “Run” dialog box.

  2. In the “Open” box of “Run”, type: rundll32.exe "%windir%\system32\speech\speechux\SpeechUX.dll", RunWizard MicTraining

  3. Choose the type of microphone you have from the given radio buttons.

  4. Make sure you can finish the rest of the steps including reading the phrase so the microphone is showing activity.

If no activity is shown or you receive an error that no microphone is detected, there is a problem with your microphone.

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