How can I invite users to my domain?

You can invite new people to your domain as Network Users or Guest Users. First some comments about Network and Guest Users. Then instructions on how to invite Network and Guest Users to your domain:

What is a network user?

  • Network Users count towards the number of paid users in your domain

  • Network Users have access to the public communications, projects, groups, wikis, etc.

  • Network Users are restricted by the “Private” and “Secret” permissions you set in your domain.

  • Network users can be invited to the domain from a sidebar widget, the “People” directory, and from the admin portal.

  • If a user has the same email as the domain, they will always be a network user, never a guest user (i.e. domain “” and email “”)

What is a guest user?

  • Guest Users do not count towards the number of paid users in your domain.

  • Guest Users cannot see your entire domain.

  • Guest Users have an email address that is different than the Domain Owner’s Email domain.

  • Guest Users are restricted to the groups and projects they have explicitly been invited to.

  • Guest Users cannot search for anything outside of the groups and projects they are invited to meaning that Guest Users cannot see other members or their content unless they are part of the project or and post content to the project or group.

How do I invite network users?

To invite Network Users to your domain:

  1. Choose “People” from the left navigation bar.

  2. From the top-right side of the resulting page, choose “Invite”.

3. You can invite users by email address. Don’t miss clicking the “Add” button prior to clicking the “Send Invites Now” button. Inviting users in this manner makes them a “Network User” so they will have access to public projects, the main activity stream, etc.

How do I invite guest users?

To invite a guest user to your domain:

  1. Go into a Groups/Projects from the left navigation bar

  2. With “Members selected from the secondary navigation, click “Invite Members”

3. Then in the “People outside your company” box, type email addresses for the guest users you wish to invite. Then click “Invite”.

Additionally, You can click on Group/Project tools from any secondary navigation option and click “Invite members”.

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