Company Intranet FAQs

How can I embed weather updates in pages?

MangoApps allows you to easily pull in content from external sources and embed the content via widgets within MangoApps. This can be used to embed your weather updates or company stock updates, or any other web service offering iFrame embed code.Learn more on how to use the iFrame widget here.

How to add location based groups for your office location?

Within your MangoApps domain,you can now create a location-based group for each of your office locations.With these location-based groups, the group membership is automatically managed for you. For example, if a user is assigned the office location as ‘Seattle’, he is automatically made part of the ‘Seattle Location Group’ and has access to all the pages, files, posts, wikis, events etc., in that group. When the location of the user in future changes from ‘Seattle’ to say ‘Boston’, MangoApps automatically removes the user from ‘Seattle Location Group’ and adds them to ‘Boston Location Group’, now giving the user access to information he needs relevant to the office location in Boston. Learn more on setting up locations groups as you configure you domain along with setting up the right location fields and location summary details to be displayed.

How to create anonymous surveys in MangoApps ?

Organizations may want to create Anonymous Surveys as they are more likely to get maximum responses with honest and valuable answers/feedback than Non-Anonymous Surveys.Learn on how to create surveys here.

How to use survey module in MangoApps?

Surveys enable you to design a set of questions which then allows you to conduct HR surveys, measure job satisfaction and get employee feedback to drive up engagement.The survey module is available as a module in Social Intranet, Team Collaboration & All in One Suite offering of MangoApps. Learn more on the survey module here.

How to use quiz module in MangoApps?

Quizzes enable you to design a set of questions which then allows you to test employee knowledge, conduct competitions and drive employee learning in your company.Learn more on Quizzes the module here and and how quizzes can be created and its insights reviewed.

How to categorize company posts in MangoApps?

You may need to categorize company posts based on the content of the post. In order to add a category to the post, you will first need to add post categories inside the portal and then create post within that category.Learn more on how to create and manage post categories here.

When creating a new post, users can select/assign to one of the created categories from the post editor.

How do I make my post also be a must read?

Must read posts are great when you wish to convey to your co-workers that this is a must read post. Must read posts get a special icon on the post title.Learn how to mark your posts as must read here.

How can I manage and re-order pages?

As an Intranet admin, team admin or Network admin you can choose to organize the menus and pages to display content per your requirement. Learn how to manage and re-order pages here.

What is the difference between static and dynamic templates?

Static pages in MangoApps are those with content that cannot change without a page creator or admin editing the page while dynamic pages can display different content from across MangoApps updated dynamically without needing to edit the page. Learn how to create company pages here.

How do I make my post also be an announcement?

When creating posts, you can mark it as an announcement in the post editor or an existing post can also be marked as an announcement from the post tools by an admin.Learn more on how to mark your posts as announcement here.

How to create company pages for an unified intranet?

Company pages are the best way to communicate company level mission, goals, plans, and more,helping create an unified intranet within your organization.Learn on how to create and configure company pages here.

How to reorder posts in MangoApps?

Admin may require to change the order to posts in which they are displayed on the company page depending on the importance,priority and better visibility of the post by a larger audience.Learn how to reorder posts here.

How do I configure intranet/company admins in MangoApps?

Intranet administrators can be created by a MangoApps network admin. Any network user can be made an Intranet Admin. MangoApps network admins are automatically shown as Intranet Administrators.Learn more on how to assign admin rights on a company page here.

What are departments and how do I use them?

Departments in MangoApps are the collection of your intranet data and members into one centralized location. As most organizations use departments to separate job function and location, MangoApps can also separate those pieces of information so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.Learn how to create and manage departments here.

What is an “office Card” in MangoApps?

An Office Card is a quick way to start a communication with one of your colleagues or to see more information about a colleague. To open the office card, click directly on the picture of a colleague which will create a preview referred to as the office card. You can find their picture in an activity stream or from the “People” feature of MangoApps. Learn more on how you can set the fields for the profile preview here.

How can I setup organization chart in MangoApps?

A company’s org chart is how people learn about other people they’re working with.Network admins can manage the domain-wide organization chart for all network users by adding/inviting/removing managers, colleagues, and reportees. Learn how to manage the organization chart within MangoApps here.

Is there a limit to the number of questions you can have in a Survey?

No, the MangoApps Survey Feature does not have a limit on the number of questions that can be included in a survey. The survey feature in MangoApps is designed to be scalable and flexible and can accommodate surveys with varying numbers of questions depending on the user's specific needs. However, it is essential to note that excessively long surveys may impact response rates and data quality. Therefore, it is recommended to keep surveys concise and focused on the most critical questions.

Can you allow users to participate in a survey multiple times?

No, it is not possible to participate in a survey multiple times.

How do I submit a complaint?

To submit a complaint, follow these steps:

  • Access the User Portal.

  • Locate the Profile icon located on the top right bar of the portal.

  • Click on the Profile icon to open the dropdown menu.

  • From the dropdown menu, navigate to "Help" > “Report a Problem.” This will take you to the complaint submission page.

  • On the complaint submission page, describe your complaint in detail, providing any relevant information or context.

  • Once you have written your complaint, click on the "Send" button or any equivalent button labeled for submission.

How do I see Company Holidays?

To access the list of company holidays location-wise from the User Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the User Portal.

  2. Navigate to the "Site" section.

  3. Click on "Life@MA" or a similar option related to company information.

  4. Look for and select "Holidays and Vacation."

  5. You can view the list of company holidays categorized by location.

How many employees are there in MangoApps?

To find the count of employees in MangoApps, follow these steps from the User Portal:

  1. Access the User Portal.

  2. Navigate to the "People" module.

  3. Within the People module, you can see the count or total number of employees listed.

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