How can I convert a network user to a guest user in MangoApps?

A scenario may arise where you may need to convert a network user to a guest user or , that the user you were adding as a guest user was accidentally added as a network user and needs to be changed. Below are a step-by-step process of doing the same.

  1. Click on “Users” -> “Manage Users”:

3. Search for the person you’re looking for.

4. When you find them, place a checkmark next to their name.

5. Choose “User Tools” -> “Change Email Address”. In this case I will change (his real email address) to (an arbitrary, fake email address I made up).

6. “Deactivate”

7. GO BACK to the user portal.

8.Go to the Group or Project that should be a guest user of.

9. Choose “Members” from the left side menu then click on “Invite Members”.

10. Add the real as a guest user:

PLEASE NOTE: Any user that has the same email domain matching the domain creators email then he cannot be a guest user and will automatically be considered as a network user on the domain. e.g. on a domain abc.mangoapps any user with email domain cannot be a guest user and will be a network user on MangoApps domain.

To be a guest user on the user’s email can be other any email’s such,,, @hotmail, etc.

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