Screen Share & Video Calling FAQs

How to do a video, voice call & a screen share?

MangoApps video call feature helps employees to easily share their screen, conduct audio conferencing and video conferencing with their co-workers across the globe. As a network admin, you can enable one of these services for all network users on your domain.Learn how to configure it here.

MangoApps also integrates with GoToMeeting and online meeting services.Network admins can enable the built-in MangoApps huddle service or GoToMeeting or service for all network and guest users on your domain.You can go through the configuration steps here.

To make a voice/video call along as well as a screenshare session, please follow the steps here.

When using the messenger application installed on your Windows/Mac computer, we can quickly see here on how to make a voice/video call as well as initiate a screen sharing session here.

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