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Everything you need to know about #hashtags

Hashtags are a simple way of categorizing content in your domain into topics by using the hashtag symbol ‘#’ along with the topic or phrase and adding it to your post. For example : This is a great sales update! #SalesWin. Hashtags automatically turn the topic or phrase into clickable links in your post. Hashtags help your employees find content in your domain that matches the topic or phrase. Learn more on how to use hashtags here.

What MangoApps content can I find when I search by keyword, colleague name, document name or group name using unified search?

Any search criteria you provide during a general search is applied to all possible content in MangoApps. Whole or partial names of colleagues and files can be used as search criteria.Here is a list of all searchable content for all modules within MangoApps.

How does MangoApps unified search work?

MangoApps support a look ahead search as you type in the search bar. This look ahead search is on the name and hashtags only to give you quick access to a specific post, page, wiki, file, event or person that you’re looking for.Learn more on how to perform a search in MangoApps here.

How can you quickly search through the list of colleagues within Your MangoApps network?

To start with the entire list of colleagues in your MangoApps network, click the “People” feature. Then you can start typing their name into the search text box to see a list of suggestions.Learn how to search through the list of your colleagues here.

Are group messages accessible later, ordered chronologically, and searchable?

Yes, all content in MangoApps including group messages are accessible later, ordered chronologically, and easily searchable until they are explicitly deleted.

How do I search for ideas in my company?

To search specifically for ideas in your company you can search by keyword from the Global search. Refer to the global search content for the ideas module here.Users can also go to the 'Ideas' feature and search for ideas within it.

The search bar can be found at the top of the screen. MangoApps supports a deep search of the entire network, allowing you to search within the actual content across all teams, posts, wikis, files, and more.

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