How can I share one document with multiple teams without maintaining multiple copies?

There are several scenarios around documents that potentially can result in maintaining multiple copies of the same document. Following the steps in this article for your specific scenario can minimize multiple copies of the same document in your MangoApps network. Read through the following scenarios and see if one can be applied to your MangoApps need:

  • Sharing a Public Team Document with a Project Template

  • Sharing a Private Team Document with another Team as Read-Only

  • Sharing a Public Team Document with an Intranet Department

Sharing a public team document with a project template

This scenario solves the objective of maintaining a single document from one (public) team in multiple projects created from a Project Template. To diagram this scenario, the public team “owns” the original version of the document while a new Project Template is created with a MangoApps link to the document.

To create this scenario in MangoApps:

  1. Find the public team (group or project) that contains the document you’ll be sharing in your Project Template.

  2. Click “Files” to look for the exact name of the document you’ll be sharing.

3. Go to the “Project” module and select “Project Templates” from the drop down on the top right.

4.Start creating a new Project Template and verify the “Files” module has been added.

5.Once the files module is added, simply create a new project update in the Project Template and attach the file from MangoApps that you found in the previously created public team.

Projects created from this project template will have the file that you shared as a Project Wall Feed and it will be linked to the single copy of the file that is part of the public team.

Sharing a private team document with another team as read-only

To share a document that is in a Private team that you belong to with another team, follow these steps:

  1. On prerequisite is that the Domain administrator has turned on the ability to share public links to files in the Admin Portal. Here is a screenshot from the “Modules” -> “Files” navigation in the Admin portal. Click “Settings” on the top right and then click “Manage File Settings” to get the pop up below.

2. Next, from your private team, find the document from your document list that you want to share with another team.

3. From the drop-down menu for that file, choose “Share”.

4. In the Share window, click “With Public” and select the type of access you want to give to users who will view the file publicly…

In the new window, click “Copy Public Link” and share it with the people who want to access those files.

Now, the new team will have access to the document that is in your other Private team. As the document changes through revisions, the link will continue to point to the newest version of the document.

Sharing a public team document with an intranet department

Similar to above, you can take the link you receive in email and add it to any Intranet communication including an Intranet Post, Document Post, or Intranet Page.

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