How do I log in to MangoApps from my mobile device?

MangoApps has been released as native mobile clients for Apple iPad & iPhone and Android devices. Logging in to a mobile client is similar to logging in to the MangoApps desktop or web client. There are 3 requirements for login:

  1. Login ID

  2. Password

  3. MangoApps Domain Server URL

Example Scenario

Your company’s name is “Demo” and your company created as their MangoApps domain. Your email address is and you’ve been invited to your company’s MangoApps domain. You logged in with the temporary password that was sent to you and you changed your password to $trongP@ssword when prompted.

To log in to MangoApps from your mobile device for this example scenario, you must enter the the 3 required elements:

  1. Login ID:

  2. Password: $trongP@ssword

  3. MangoApps Domain Server URL:

**It’s not necessary to enter additional characters at the front or at the back of the MangoApps Domain Server (i.e. do not add “http://” to the front or “/u” at the back).

Caveat Cases for Server URL

There are some cases that your MangoApps Domain Server URL might differ from the domain in your email address. You’ll need to provide the correct MangoApps Domain Server URL in the following cases:

  • When you are a guest user with an “out-of-network” email ID.

  • When you are a network user with an “out-of-network” email ID.

  • When your company has configured MangoApps to use Active Directory or LDAP.

  • When you are an Enterprise customer with an On-Premise or Private Cloud deployment.

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