Is there a Hotfix for MangoApps for Office addressing Microsoft Excel Crashes?

Yes. We’ve narrowed crashes in MangoApps for Office down to a problem in the Microsoft Office DLL file “clr.dll”. Microsoft provides a Hotfix for this issue as described in this help Microsoft Help Article:

To verify that you should get the Hotfix from Microsoft, you can find the error in your Windows Event Viewer Application logs. To launch Event Viewer:

  1. Launch Event Viewer by typing EVENTVWR in the “Run” box or searching in Windows 8:

2. You can also launch EVENTVWR through “Control Panel” -> “Administrative Tools” -> “Event Viewer”.

To find the indicative error that shows that you need the Hotfix from Microsoft:

  1. Inside Event viewer choose “Windows Logs” -> “Applications” from the left side tree.

  2. Click the “Find” binoculars on the right-side.

  3. Type “clr.dll” in the find box and click the “Find” button.

  4. Note the exception code 0xc0000005

If your computer has this exception code we recommend getting the Hotfix from Microsoft by following the steps in the Microsoft Help Article:

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