Using Groups

As we go through this article you will have answered questions pertaining to using the Groups in MangoApps. The topics covered in this article are divided by a series of frequently asked questions including:

  • What are group modules?

  • Can I reorder the modules?

  • Can I set a default landing page for a group?

What are group modules?

In each and every group you can configure functionality with any one of the 11+ modules for Groups. You can add permissions, configure settings, functionality like Guest Users, Files Library, Wikis and much more.

Can I reorder the modules?

You can reorder the modules appearing in the secondary navigation of your groups by simply clicking on Admin Tools > Edit Group & Module Details -> Configure Modules -> Drag the modules up or down to arrange order them per your requirement.

Can I set a default landing page for a group?

Whether you want to make the group wall or pages or any other modules the default landing area of your group, the group admin can set it all from the Admin tools -> General Settings -> Landing Page Settings.

Choosing ‘Default’ as the value in dropdown will set the first module in the left navigation bar to be the module on which users will land when they visit this group.

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