Chat FAQs

How do I configure who can send IM?

As a domain admin you can control who can send IM in a specific team. The choices you have are:

  1. Any Member of the team can Send IM (default)

  2. Domain Admins and Team Admins can Send IM

  3. Only Domain Admins can Send IM

Learn more on how you can configure chat settings for a group as well as chat settings for a project.

How can admin control chat content deletion in MangoApps?

MangoApps Network admin can prevent deletion of messages inside the Instant Messages (IM) conversations. The setting can control both Private Chat and Team Chat for the MangoApps portal.Learn more on how you can configure the deletion settings for chat here.

How to mute a team in MangoApps?

In order to prevent yourself from being distracted by IMs/chats inside a team. The network user in MangoApps may choose to mute notification for IMs/Chats from a team, that he/she is member of.Learn how to mute a chat/team chat here.

Does MangoApps include IM so I can open a 1-to-1 communication directly with my colleague?

Yes, MangoApps integrates IM to easily open a 1-to-1 communication with a colleague or a group. When you need to ask a colleague a quick question about a feed, click on their photo next to that feed and choose “Send IM”. If the colleague is not online for an immediate IM, you may want to send them a Direct Message or write on their wall.Learn how to send direct IM messages here.

As admin, how can I view users’ chat history?

Admins have a lot of privileges. If an admin needs to see the conversations of one user to another user, there are a couple of options.

  1. Create a Superuser Password and log in as another user in the domain.When logged in as another user, view their IM’s with other members by choosing a member from their contact list to open the IM window.

  2. Export the domain data as XML and inspect communications by searching for keywords.From the XML, you may be able to search for the user’s ID first, then read through the content belonging to that user to discover the information you, as an admin, are looking for.

Can I know the online presence status of my colleagues?

Yes, you can always see the real-time online presence of your colleagues under their profile picture. Either find their profile picture in the “People” feature of MangoApps, or look for their presence under an activity feed they posted.Learn more on how to set and check user status here.

What web technology does MangoApps social bar use?

Social bar on MangoApps uses web sockets, an advanced technology that makes it possible to open an interactive communication session between the user’s. The web socket protocol is currently supported in most major browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari.

How can I send message to network users in MangoApps?

MangoApps allows users to send private messages.The Messages module enables you to replace the email for internal private communication. Your users can send rich text messages and files to a specific set of people in your company and also, the module helps keep replies threaded.Learn more on how to send private messages here.

How do I delete the IM chat history?

Users can delete the IM chat history. For normal users they can delete messages specific to them. For network admin, they can delete messages for all users. Learn how to delete messages from the chat history here.

How can I have a team(group/project/department) chat?

You chat with an entire Team(Group/Project/Department) members at once. Any Team member that is online will instantly receive your chat messages. Team members that are offline can view the team chat session later as it can be reviewed later in MangoApps. Learn here how you can join a team chat.

How can you start an instant message with one of your colleagues?

With MangoApps chat, you can collaborate with coworkers no matter where they are. You can easily chat with them via instant message.Learn how to send an instant message here.

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