Unified intranet with company news & company info pages

What is in the unified intranet?

Our new unified Intranet feature gives users a more convenient way of accessing posts and relevant information.

If enabled, it allows an admin to create multiple Intranet pages, share updates and allow people to comment on them. Additionally, a Network/Intranet admins can create a banner to display on top of the page making it feel like Home.

All these new and improved features are available on the MangoApps unified Intranet.

How do a network/intranet admin configures the configure the company/intranet banner?

A network/Intranet admin can click on the pencil edit icon which appears when hovering the mouse cursor to configure or upload an existing banner. An admin can also give a Title to the page by clicking on the pencil edit icon on the top left of the page.

Once, clicked on the pencil edit icon, the Network/Intranet admin gets the option to upload an existing banner or customize a new one.

After clicking Upload banner , the user is directed to pic an existing banner saved on the computer . Clicking on Customize lets the user create and customize a new Basic or Advanced banner using HTML and CSS.

Note: An admin can choose to disable the banner from Intranet settings.

What is company news?

Company news is the new name for intranet posts. A Network/Intranet admin can put a new post to be visible on Intranet Home Page. Additionally, the admin can choose to allow comments on the post or not.

What is company info?

Company info is the new name for our previous intranet feature, where the community can post information about the company and any other useful updates they might have.

Please note only a domain or company admin gets to customize or create a new page.

How do I create more company admins?

To assign company admins, Click on the Intranet Tools icon and select “Assign Intranet Admins”

Then select the user’s name and click on the button “Make Intranet Admin”

How do I edit the company settings?

Click on the Intranet Tools icon. Then select “Manage Intranet Settings”.

From here you can edit your company’s settings.

How do I change the name of my company’s intranet?

To change the name of your company’s intranet, go to the Admin portal > Click on Modules > Select “Company”

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