My Staff's Learning

My Staff’s Learning

View training & learning summary of your direct staff at a quick glance to see trainings that are completed or overdue. Drill down to see the full picture on courses & certifications of each staff member (Available from MangoApps v 15.0.2)

Staff Learning Summary

  • When org chart is enabled, you can view the summary of courses & certifications of your direct reporting staff
  • The staff members are listed their names (A-Z)
  • In the summary for each staff member you can see
    • Count of assigned courses
    • Count of in-progress courses
    • Count of completed courses
    • Count of courses that are overdue

Staff Learning Details

  • Drill down by clicking on the staff’s name to see the list of all courses & certifications on their profile
  • Staff’s assigned courses, in progress and completed courses will be visible on their profile
  • All certifications that your staff member has received are listed on their profile as well