My Staff Learning


The My Staff/Team Learning tab provides a comprehensive view of the training and learning progress of your direct reporting staff and team members. This feature allows you to quickly assess completed, in-progress, and overdue trainings, providing valuable insights into the professional development of your team members.

Staff Learning Summary

When the Org Chart is enabled, you gain access to a learning summary for your direct reporting staff. The summary offers a quick glance at key metrics and staff course progress.

Count of All Assigned Pending Courses

Displays the number of courses currently assigned to the staff member.

Count of In-Progress Courses

Highlights the number of courses that the staff member is currently working on.

Count of Completed Courses

Indicates the total number of courses successfully completed by the staff member.

Count of Certificates Earned

Indicates the number of certificates the user has earned by completing courses successfully.

Count of Overdue Courses

Flags the number of courses that are overdue.

Staff Learning Details

By clicking on a staff member's name, you can drill down to access detailed information about their courses and certifications.

Upon accessing a staff member's learning details, you will find a comprehensive breakdown of their learning journey, including:

  • Course name

  • Course status

  • The admin or instructor that assigned the course to this user

  • The course due date

  • The completion date

From this details page, managers also have limited learner management control. Managers can Unassign courses, send reminder messages, view the user's course interaction history, and export and .xls report of the user's learning details.

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