Learn Settings

Learn Module
  • Module settings include Labels & Colors
    • Allows you to set up what to call the LEARN module, curriculum, courses, chapters, sessions, steps, etc.
    • The default settings should work for most companies but you still have the flexibility to change it for your own company if needed.
    • Additional support to translate these labels in multiple languages is available from Domains > Translate.
    • The Choice for the color to use for curriculum, self-paced learning & ILT course tags is available
  • Additional Options
    • Enable question & answers in courses
    • Enable ratings & reviews on courses. Support for anonymous ratings/reviews is available.
    • Show page views, learners list on the course/curriculum page.
    • Show user’s their learning summary (e.g. completed courses, training time).
  • Learn Helper/Automation User.
    • System user/bot from whom users will be send automated messages from the LEARN module
    • Automated messages include course/curriculum assignment, issue of certificate on course/curriculum completion
  • Branding
    • MangoApps company branding capabilities will be available in the Mango LMS App
    • Platform support for conditional based branding based on department, job function, office location etc will be available in Mango LMS app as well.
    • Colors for curriculum tag. self-paced course and ILT course tags can be customized

Additional Settings

  • Navigation & Landing Page
    • Learn module can be added to the navigation like other modules on the MangoApps platform
    • In Mango LMS App the landing page for all users is set to the learn module by default
  • Domain Admins & Learn Module Admins
    • Domain admins have full access to all the functionality of the learn module via the admin portal. This is consistent with other modules in MangoApps
    • Learn module admins can be setup on the MangoApps platform (Users > Admin Roles) that are given access to all the admin functionality for learn module only