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In the Learn Settings, administrators have the ability to personalize the appearance of the Learn Module, Advanced Options, and configurations for the Learn Helper. This guide will cover the following topics: Module Appearance, Advanced Options, and Learn Helper. Additionally, we will briefly cover creating learn admins via Users -> Admin Roles.

Module Appearance

Module settings include Labels & Colors

The first section of the Settings tab covers the Learn module appearance. The customization options encompass labels, colors, and the message users receive when assigned a course. While default settings suit most companies, the platform provides the freedom to adapt labels according to the specific needs of your company.

Moreover, support for translating these labels into multiple languages is accessible through Domains > Translate.

Admins have the choice to select colors for curriculum, self-paced learning, and instructor-led course tags, allowing for a personalized and visually cohesive learning environment.

Additionally, admins have the option to customize the message users receive when they have been assigned a course. Determine whether the automated message has the assignee or the Learn Helper as the sender. If the assignee is designated as the sender, responses to the assignment message will be received by the assigning user.

Advanced Options

This section contains various options for ratings & reviews for courses, transcript permissions, and course management.

Enabling comments, reviews, and Q&A features for learning courses within a company is integral for fostering a dynamic and interactive learning ecosystem. Comments allow learners to engage in real-time discussions, seek clarifications, and share insights, promoting collaborative learning. Reviews provide valuable feedback on the effectiveness and relevance of courses, aiding administrators in continuous improvement efforts. Additionally, the inclusion of Q&A features facilitates a direct channel for learners to pose questions and receive answers, enhancing comprehension and knowledge retention.

Admin users also have the option to limit or promote managers and team managers' ability to view and manage their employees' learning courses. Granting managers visibility into their team members' learning courses allows for better tracking of skill development, identification of training needs, and targeted support for individual career growth. However, striking a balance between privacy considerations and the benefits of managerial involvement is essential. Utilize these options to create a learning environment that prioritizes both individual growth and organizational goals.

Learn Helper

Similar to other modules within MangoApps, administrators have the option to customize the automated Helper Bot associated with the Learn Module.

The Learn Helper acts as the user from whom automated private messages are sent when a course is assigned or a certificate is issued. Admin users can customize the name and photo of this automation user in this section.

The automated Helper messages include:

  • Notice of course/curriculum assignment

  • issue of certificate upon course/curriculum completion

Domain Admins & Learn Module Admins

Companies may choose separate admin roles for LMS and domain admins to leverage specialized expertise, focused responsibilities, enhanced security, increased efficiency, and clear accountability. LMS admins can concentrate on managing the learning platform, including course creation and user training, while domain admins handle broader organizational functions and overall system security. This division of roles ensures that each administrator can bring their specific skills to the forefront, leading to a more streamlined and efficient operation.

To set up the Learn Module Admin role, navigate to the Admin Portal > Users > Admin Roles section.

Domain admins have full access to all the functionality of the learn module as well as all other functions present within the admin portal.

The Learn module admin role can be configured to grant users access to all the domain admin functionality but only for learn module.

Configure the visibility and access to various Admin Portal modules and menus using the Permissions tab.

Once permissions have been configured, navigate back to the Admins tab to begin adding your LMS admins.

For a more in-depth look at configuring Admin roles, click here.

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