Instructor-Led Training

Creating a live session course

MangoApps empowers you to create and manage Instructor-Led Training (ILT) course seminars with efficiency. The platform accommodates both webinar/online and classroom sessions, offering a versatile solution for training sessions. Many companies prefer live seminar training for employees due to its capacity to facilitate interactive learning. This format provides a real-time platform for engagement, questions, and discussions, offering immediate feedback to enhance understanding.

The customizable nature of these sessions allows tailoring content to the specific needs of the company, ensuring a more personalized and effective learning experience. Moreover, in-person training contributes to team building and collaboration, which is particularly advantageous for organizations with remote or dispersed teams. By bringing employees together in a shared physical space, it promotes a sense of unity and a collaborative learning experience.

ILT courses are different that Self-paced courses with assigned instructors in so far as ILT courses require the set up of live seminars. Instructors of Self-paced courses can edit, add, or delete written or video content within a self-paced course but in order to schedule live demos and training, a separate course, the ILT, must be created. The two can be used in conjunction when added to the same Curriculum/Program.

Creating an ILT Course

Creation of an ILT course follows the same format as creating a self-paced course. The difference being instead of selecting Self-Paced Learning in the Details section, you will select Instructor Led Training.

By selecting Instructor led Training, the next step, Rules, will also have menu changes.

Traversal Rule, and Completion Rule will no longer be available, but all other fields will remain the same.

Manage Sessions

With the ILT course created, we must now add sessions. Click the Sessions tab from the course Info page.

Within the Sessions tab you can view all scheduled course sessions as well as session details. Filter sessions based on location and time frame.

Instructors can add sessions by clicking the Add Session button in the upper right hand corner.

Clicking this button will bring up the Add Session pop-up menu.

Domain admins, learn module admins, and instructors can create an unlimited number of sessions for an ILT course.

Session Title

Create a unique title for the session. This title can be searched for from the domainwde search function. Max character limit of 100.

Session Type

Select whether the session will be hosted in a Classroom, via Webinar or Both. Depending on the type chosen, additional fields will appear. If Classroom (default value) is selected, the fields Location and Where will appear. If Webinar is selected, the additional field, Link, will appear. If Both is chosen then all three additional fields (Location, Where, and Link) will appear.


If Classroom or Both is chosen as the Session Type, this field will appear. Choose the relevant company location from the dropdown menu for the seminar. For instance, a safety seminar for a Mexico City, Mexico location may involve different safety standards and practices when compared to a location in Ottawa, Canada, considering factors such as weather conditions, country regulations, and international standards.


If Classroom or Both is chosen as the Session Type, this field will appear. Please input the address for the live session or specify the company building and/or conference room where the session will be conducted.

If Webinar or Both is chosen as the Session Type, this field will appear. Enter the webinar link, make sure to test the link before the session begins to ensure it is active.


Choose the start and end times for your session. The end time MUST be after the start time.

Time Zone

Choose the time zone from which the instructor will conduct the session. MangoApps will automatically convert the time in the MangoApps Calendar for attendees, ensuring accurate scheduling based on the selected time zone.


Select the instructor for the session from the dropdown menu. If there are multiple instructors for the course, only ONE may be chosen per session.

Enrollment Capacity

Optional. Restrict the maximum number of learners that can be enrolled per session. If learners attempt to enroll after capacity has been reached, they will receive and error message and be prompted to select another session or reach out to an instructor or learn admin.

Session Details

Optional. In the rich text editor, include session details, prep material, and/or any other pertinent information learners may need coming into the session. Maximum character limit of 500.

When all details have been added, click the Create button and your session will be added.


After creating a session, various actions can be performed from the sessions table. Click the 3-dot menu under the Actions column for a single session. From this menu, you can manage users, edit, clone, or delete the session.

For ease of creation, administrators and instructors have the ability to clone and edit a session. Cloning a session will duplicate session properties, however, users enrolled in the session will not be copied over.

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