Self-Paced Courses


With self-paced courses, users have the flexibility to access personalized learning content anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Whether you are an employee, manager, or guest user, this guide will help you make the most of your learning journey.

Course Details Page

Upon entering a self-paced course, users will encounter an engaging course details page. This page includes a course introduction video/image, instructor information, credit hours, estimated course duration, and more.

Course Table of Contents

Explore the course content through the Table of Contents, giving you an overview of what you will learn throughout the course.

Course Certificate

Preview the certificate you will receive upon completion and understand its validity.

Course Q&A

Engage with the learning community through Questions & Answers. View questions asked and answered by others and ask questions at any point in the learning process.

Course Reviews, Ratings, and Views

Gain insights into the course's quality and popularity by reading reviews and ratings from fellow learners. Check the number of views the course has had and see who is currently taking the course and those that have completed it.

My Course Summary

View your enrollment, progress, and completion status and access your certificate if you've completed the course. Pin the course for easy access on your learning homepage.

Taking a Self-Paced Course

When taking a self-paced course, there are various enrollment and navigation options available. Users can opt for self-enrollment, allowing them to take the course at their convenience from a web browser or the mobile app. Alternatively, admin or instructor enrollment can be followed by adhering to provided instructions for course access.

In cases where prerequisite courses exist, completion of those is necessary before embarking on the current one.

As for navigation, users can follow either sequential or non-sequential chapter navigation based on admin or instructor settings.

Learners have the flexibility to exit and later resume the self-paced course at any point, accessible both through web browsers and the mobile app.

Taking a Quiz

When taking a quiz as part of a self-paced course, users have the opportunity to assess their learning. They can exit the quiz at any point and later resume from where they left off.

If enabled in the course settings, users can review their performance by seeing the answers they got wrong along with the correct answers when completing a quiz. This enables users to learn from their mistakes and enhance their understanding of the course material.

Depending on course settings, users will be able to attempt the quiz multiple times, continue the course regardless of pass/fail state, engage with multiple choice and short form questions, and more.

On Completion of a Self-Paced Course

Upon completing a self-paced course, users are encouraged to celebrate their achievements. They can easily locate the finished course on their My Learning page, where, if applicable, a certificate is received. Additionally, they can check the updated My Course Summary on the course details page for a comprehensive overview of their learning journey and accomplishments. This post-completion process ensures that users are recognized for their efforts and have a clear record of their learning milestones.

Learners can also review their learning journey achievements from their user profiles under the Learn tab.

Congratulations on embarking on your self-paced learning journey! If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to explore the Course Q&A section or contact your LMS administrator.

Happy learning!

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