Custom Course Fields


Including custom fields in course creation enables companies to align learning content with their specific organizational goals and industry requirements, providing a personalized and targeted approach to employee training. These fields allow for the integration of company-specific details, such as strategic objectives and industry standards, ensuring that the courses are directly relevant to the organization's needs.

Add a Section

To get started, click the Add Section button located at the top right of your screen.

In the Add a Section pop-up menu, name your new section (100 max characters). Upon saving, the new section will populate at the bottom of the list. Click and drag sections to reorder them within the course menu.


There exists a few customization exemptions of note within the Course Fields tab. These exceptions are as follows:

  • The Overview section cannot be assigned any other position other than first in the section list.

  • The Overview section cannot be hidden in the end user view.

  • The fields Name, Photo, and Description cannot be moved within or without the Overview section and must remain visible for the end user view. Though they cannot be deactivated, they can be set to optional instead of mandatory.

Setup Custom Fields

To create a custom field, click the Add Custom Fields button to the right of the Add a Section button. This will bring up the Setup Custom Field menu.

Within this menu, admins can view and edit all custom fields that have been created as well as create new fields.

When creating a new field, you will be required to create a field name, select a field type, and fill in values (depending on the Field Type chosen). Admins can also select the checkbox to allow the custom field to become available as a Search Filter (not available for Multiple Line Text option).

The field types offered are:

  • Single Line Text

  • Multiple Line Text

  • Multiple Choices (Multiple selection)

  • Multiple Choices (Single Selection)

  • Calendar Lookup

  • Media Attachment

Once you have saved your newly created custom fields, if enabled, they will now be available in the Create Course wizard.

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