LMS Gamification

The MangoApps LMS interacts with the domains gamification feature, creating further engagement with learners and instructors. In this article, we'll explore the badges offered within a gamified platform, making the user learning journey not only educational but also fun and rewarding.

In order for users to begin earning badges, the Levels and badges module must be enabled from within the Admin Portal -> Modules menu.

For information on Gamification within the domain as a whole, click here.

Badges in MangoApps LMS

MangoApps LMS introduces two types of badges that add a delightful twist to the learning experience:

Level Badges

Level badges are a testament to a user's progress and dedication. As learners and instructors accumulate points, they unlock different levels of badges. MangoApps currently supports up to 60 types of level badges, providing ample opportunities for users to display their achievements.

Engagement Badges

Engagement badges, on the other hand, celebrate active involvement in the learning process. These badges are earned by completing courses, posting reviews, accumulating training hours, and more. Unlike level badges, engagement badges are not directly connected to points, adding an extra layer of diversity to a user's badge collection.

Learner Badges

These badges are earned based upon user achievements in completing courses, submitting reviews, and completing training hours:

  • Apprentice: Complete 1 course

  • Pupil: Complete 3 courses

  • Trainee: Complete 5 courses

  • Star Student: Complete 10 courses

  • Scholar: Complete 15 courses

  • Graduate: Complete 20 courses

  • Valedictorian: Complete 25 courses

For submitting reviews:

  • Beginner: Submit 1 review

  • Elementary: Submit 5 reviews

  • Intermediate: Submit 10 reviews

  • Advanced: Submit 20 reviews

  • Expert: Submit 40 reviews

For training hours completed:

  • Starter: Complete 1 training hour

  • Junior: Complete 10 training hours

  • Proficient: Complete 25 training hours

  • Senior: Complete 50 training hours

  • Sage: Complete 100 training hours

Instructor Badges

Instructors also have their own set of badges, recognizing their contributions to the learning community:

For publishing new courses:

  • Feature Publisher: Publish 1 course

  • Headline Publisher: Publish 5 courses

  • Exclusive Publisher: Publish 10 courses

  • Lead Publisher: Publish 20 courses

  • Master Publisher: Publish 40 courses

For the number of users trained:

  • Bubble Maker: Train 10 users

  • Open Water Diver: Train 25 users

  • Adventure Diver: Train 50 users

  • Rescue Diver: Train 100 users

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