In the dynamic world of Learning Management Systems (LMS), administrators need helpful tools to gain insights into the system's performance and user interactions. MangoApps provides detailed logs to empower admins with information on course imports, automated assignments, and learner interactions through xAPI statements.

The below listed logs are found within the Admin Portal Home under the Logs tab. These reports are NOT located within the LMS module itself.

LMS Import Log

The LMS Import Log is a comprehensive record of SCORM/xAPI courses imported into the MangoApps Learn module. This log not only lists successfully completed imports but also captures details of failed imports, accompanied by informative tips explaining the reason for failure.

Key Features:

  • Filtering Options: Admins can filter import logs based on the date of import and file name, enabling efficient tracking of specific activities.

  • Notifications: Domain admins will receive notifications in the News Feed's Activity tab and through selected channels when an import is completed (success or failure) as long as the Learn module setting to notify domain admins on the completion of import is turned ON.

LMS Automation Log

The LMS Automation Log provides administrators with a detailed overview of each run of the LMS rule for automated course/curriculum assignments to users.

Key Features:

  • Filtering Options: Admins can filter LMS automation logs by date and rule name, facilitating targeted analysis of the automated assignment processes.

xAPI Activity Log

The xAPI Activity Log is a useful tool for tracking user interactions across all xAPI courses. This log records xAPI statements and allows admins to search by activity verb (e.g., attempted, completed, passed) or by specific course/user.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Interaction: Clicking on each log entry provides admins with detailed information in JSON format, offering a granular understanding of user interactions.

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