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Understand the My Learning area


In this guide, we will walk through the features and functionalities of the learner's landing page, helping you make the most of your learning journey. The learn module landing page gives learners easy & engaging access to courses & curriculums that matter most to them

Summary Section

The header section provides a quick table overview of the user's learning progress:

  • In-Progress Courses: Count of courses the user has started but not completed, including self-paced, ILT, and curriculum.

  • All Assigned Pending Courses: Count of courses assigned to the user, both optional and required.

  • All Completed Courses: Count of courses the user has successfully completed, spanning all course types.

  • Training Time: Total time spent on completed courses and completed chapters in in-progress courses.

The visibility of the Training Time section is subject to the settings configured by the domain/LMS admin.

Understanding "Total Training Time"

The "Total Training Time" is based on the "estimated duration" configured by the course creator. Even if a user completes a course faster than the estimated duration, the total training time will reflect the creator's configured duration.

Course Sections

Below the summary table, all courses the user has interacted with in a meaningful way will be organized into categories.

In-Progress Courses

View the courses/curriculum you are currently taking, including all types started but not yet completed.

Enrolled in Scheduled Sessions

This section displays the instructor-led training (ILT) sessions the user has enrolled in that are not yet completed.

All Assigned Pending Courses

This section lists both optional and required courses/curriculum assigned to the user.

My Pinned Courses

Access the list of courses/curriculum the user has personally pinned for easy reference.

All Completed Courses

Review a comprehensive list of all types of courses/curriculum you've successfully completed.

Sections without any courses assigned will be automatically hidden.

Course Card

Each course card is a window into the details of that course's learning path.

Click on a course card to view the full course details page. Course cards provide the following information at-a-glance:

  • Photo: Visual representation of the course.

  • Title/Name: Course identification.

  • Credit Hours: Course credit allocation (if any).

  • Duration: Estimated course duration.

  • Category: Course categorization.

  • Type: Self-paced, ILT, or curriculum/program.

  • Assigned/Completion Date: Relevant dates for assigned and completed courses.

  • For ILT courses: Session date/time the user has enrolled in.

Utilize the Learn module search bar for efficient course discovery.

The Find a Course search bar offers the following search methods:

  • Basic Search: Find courses by name/title or hashtag.

  • Advanced Search: Use various dimensions like course code, delivery mode, skills gained, instructor, visibility, and more.

  • Multiple Filters: Narrow down search results by adding multiple filters.

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