MangoApps offers a robust Transcripts Management feature, empowering administrators to generate detailed records of users' completed courses and curriculums. This guide outlines the process of managing transcripts, including template generation, admin-generated transcripts, user self-service options, and customization capabilities.

Generate User Transcript using Templates

From the Transcripts tab, click the Generate Transcript button in the top right corner of your screen. This will bring up the 2-step transcript generation menu.

Select learners and the transcript type to be generated. In the second step, choose the time period for completed courses/curriculums to be included. This step also allows you to notify the selected user(s) when a transcript has been generated. Check this box to automatically send a private message to the learner with the link to their specific transcript PDF file.

Depending on the transcript type you chose in step 1, the generated transcript will include: the list of courses/curriculums completed by the selected learner, Courses/curriculums completed within the specified time period, and compliance with credit hour requirements based on the selected transcript type.

For information on creating a custom transcript template, click here.

The completed courses/curriculums that will be included must have credit hours if the transcript type selected is Completed Courses with credits.

The completed courses/curriculums that will be included must not have Credit hours if the transcript type selected is Completed Courses without credits.

Managing Transcript Templates

Custom transcript templates can be edited by domain & learn module admins. From the Manage Transcripts Template menu, you have the option to edit, duplicate, activate/deactivate, and delete listed templates.

System provided templates cannot be deleted only duplicated and activated/deactivated.

When cloning a template, a unique name is needed for the new template. Templates cannot share exact matching names. If a template is deactivated, the template thumbnail will display the Inactive tag. It will remain visible within the admin portal but it will not appear as a selection choice when generating a transcript.

Permanently deleted templates cannot be restored.

Admin vs. User-Generated Transcripts

Domain and LMS (Learning Management System) administrators have the capability to generate transcripts for any user. All administrators can view and download transcripts from the Transcripts tab in the Learn module within the Admin Portal. Admins can configure transcript notification settings to receive notifications when transcripts are ready. Transcripts include ILT (Instructor-Led Training) courses that meet the specified filter and template type criteria.

Admins also have the option to enable users to self-generate their individual transcripts using the configured templates. This setting can be enabled/disabled in the Admin Portal under Modules > Learn > Settings. When this option is enabled, users can access their transcripts from Learn > My Transcripts in the user portal.

Sending Transcripts to Users

Admins can choose to automatically send a private message with the transcript as a PDF file. Users can view & download the transcript directly from the message.

If email notifications for private messages are enabled, users will be notified about the transcript via email. The email contains a private link requiring user authentication for viewing/download.

Impact of Transcript Template Changes on Users

Edits to the transcript template background/content will not affect users who have already received transcripts. New transcripts generated after template changes will adhere to the updated template.

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