Courses I'm Instructing


The Courses I'm Instructing tab in the company's Learning Management System (LMS) provides instructors with a centralized hub for managing and overseeing the courses and curriculums they are responsible for. This guide will walk you through the key features and actions available within this tab, helping instructors effectively administer their courses.

Courses List for Instructors

Upon becoming an instructor for one or more courses, users will gain access to the "Courses I'm Instructing" tab within the Learn module. This tab displays all the courses and curriculums for which the user is the designated instructor. Each course card in this tab leads to the course/curriculum details page, where instructors can exercise their privileges.

Course Actions Available to Instructors

Instructors wield a range of actions within courses for which they hold the instructional role, providing them with comprehensive control and facilitation capabilities.

For Instructors of Self-Paced Courses

  • Edit Course Info: Instructors can modify course information at any time, except for the delivery mode once content is added.

  • Edit Course Content: Instructors can edit course content, with automatic temporary hiding from the course catalog during edits.

  • View Insights: Actionable insights are available to instructors for their self-paced courses.

  • View & Manage Users: Instructors can view, assign new users, and manage all users enrolled in their course. Manage user actions include marking as complete, resetting progress, changing due dates, making instructors, and removing users.

  • Upload New Version: Available for Self-Paced SCORM courses, instructors can upload new versions of the course package.

  • Version Settings & Tracking: Instructors can choose how the new version affects ongoing learners, either resetting progress or keeping the current progress.

For Instructors of ILT Courses

The following actions are available for ILT course instructors.

  • Manage Sessions: Instructors can add, edit, clone, and delete sessions within the course.

  • Edit Course Info: Same privileges as self-paced courses.

  • View Insights: Actionable insights are available for ILT courses.

  • View & Manage Users: Similar to self-paced courses, instructors can enroll users in sessions and perform other user management actions.

For Instructors of Curriculum/Programs

In addition to the actions above, curriculum instructors have the additional actions:

  • Edit Program: Instructors can edit program fields, steps, and rules.

  • View Insights: Actionable insights are available for curriculum/program instructors.

  • View & Manage Users: Similar privileges as self-paced courses.

Instructor Viewing as a Learner

Instructors have the option to use the View as Learner button to experience the course from a learner's perspective. This feature helps instructors understand the end-to-end learner experience.

Instructor progress is not recorded when using the View as Learner workflow.

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