Action Toolbars


The Learn Module menu is streamlined for end users, displaying a personal dashboard catered to their individual and specific learning journey. From this dashboard, users can quickly view all schedules sessions, assigned pending courses, and completed courses. Users are also able to browse the course catalog, catered based upon the user's segment, review all earned certificates, and view transcripts.

Users with direct reports (e.g. managers and team leads), will also have access to the My Staff/Team Learning section. This feature offers managers a rapid overview of their staff's learning progress and empowers them to assign courses directly to their team members.

Admin Tools

Administrators within the Learn Module will have additional menu options relating to creating and managing courses. For information on the Admin Tools menu, click here.

If you do not see the below mentioned menu and options, you do not have the necessary permissions to take actions as a Learn Module admin. Please contact your domain administrators if you believe you should have access.

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