Setting up course recommendations for select user segments is crucial for fostering a personalized learning experience within a company. This approach enables the organization to efficiently address the diverse skill sets and learning preferences of its workforce. By tailoring course suggestions based on individual roles, expertise levels, and career aspirations, employees are more likely to engage with relevant content, leading to enhanced skill development and overall professional growth.


These options enable admins to toggle the Recommended Categories section within the Course Catalog and My Learning on or off.

Course Catalog: Turn this ON if you wish to recommend course categories based on the rules set below.

My Learning: Activate this setting if you want to highlight courses for users in a new section in My Learning based on the recommendation rules specified below.

Set Recommendation Rules

From this section, admin users can add rules for which course categories appear in the recommendation section based upon conditions of a user.

First, set the default condition and recommended category. This is the category which will appear in the recommendation section if a user does not meet any conditions set up within the rules below.

Click the +Add Rule option above the Save button to begin creating a rule.

Define the condition by selecting a filter criterion from the dropdown menu. Popular filter criteria include Admin Role, Availability, Department, Language, Level, and Team. Multiple filter criteria can be selected simultaneously.

Next, choose the course category that will appear within the recommended section for users meeting the selected criteria. The condition operates using the AND logical statement for any and all criteria selected per one condition field.

Set up multiple rules for different user segments and filter criteria to further customize your domain's LMS and enhance the learner experience.

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