Course Visibility in Workspaces


Team admins are empowered with the option to integrate the Learn module within their teams' workspaces, fostering learning initiatives that span departments, groups, and projects. This capability enables the implementation of targeted training programs tailored for diverse teams, allowing for the curation of courses specifically designed for members of a particular team or workspace.

Visibility Settings

Courses and curriculum set with visibility as "Specific Teams" appear in the learn module of respective teams. This includes departments, groups, and projects, providing a tailored learning environment.

In order for the courses to appear, the Learn module must be enabled within the workspace you wish to host it.

Learn Module Sections

When the learn module is enabled for a team, it comprises the several sections, each offering personalized insights for team members similar to the My Learning tab in the full Learn Module.

In Progress Courses

This section displays courses and curriculums that the team member has started but not yet completed, including self-paced, ILT, and curriculum/programs.

Enrolled in Scheduled Sessions

This section lists ILT courses that the team member has enrolled in but not completed.

Assigned Courses

Provides a list of courses and curriculums assigned to the team member that are yet to be completed.

Completed Courses

Displays courses and curriculums completed by the team member.

All Courses

This section encompasses a comprehensive list of all team courses, including self-paced, ILT, and curriculum/programs.


Each section (except 'All Courses') is personalized based on the team member's engagement and progress. Sections only appear if there are relevant courses or curriculums for the team member.

Learn Module for Guest Users

Guest users with learn module access within a team enjoy the same level of functionality as network users. This includes access to all sections in the team's learn module, the ability to receive certificates upon completion, and the flexibility to enroll in various course types.

Guest users can enroll in and take self-paced, instructor-led, and curriculum/program courses within the team. Any earned certifications can be viewed in the Learn section of the guest users profile and downloaded normally.

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