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MangoApps LMS provides a comprehensive Transcript feature that allows users to track and manage their learning progress. This guide will walk you through self-service transcript generation, admin-sent transcripts, and the different transcript types available.

Self-Service for Transcripts

To retrieve your transcripts, navigate to the My Transcripts tab within the Learn module. Here, you can peruse the list of all enrolled and completed courses or curriculums, accompanied by credit hour details if any.

  1. Select Template: Choose a transcript template tailored by your Domain/LMS admin, encapsulating your company's branding, logo, and specific course or curriculum filters.

  1. Select Time Period: Specify the desired time period for the transcript to capture your learning history accurately.

Upon completion, easily access the generated transcript from the My Transcripts tab. View and download the transcript as needed.

In order for a transcript request to generate, the user must have initiated at least one course.

Admin Sent Transcripts

Admins can facilitate the distribution of transcripts by generating and sending them directly to users through private messages. Unlike self-service transcripts, which are accessible in the 'My Transcripts' tab, admin-sent transcripts do not appear in this tab. Instead, users receive these transcripts directly through private messages, ensuring a personalized and direct delivery of their learning records.

Users must have the ability to access the Message module or the ability to receive notifications to their email in order to receive the transcript this way.

Transcript Types

MangoApps LMS offers users three default transcript templates, each designed to cater to specific preferences and requirements.

Completed Courses/Curriculums with Credits/Score

Provides a detailed overview of the user's learning achievements, including credit hour/score information.

Completed Courses/Curriculums without Credits/Score

Offers a simplified view of completed learning experiences, focusing on course or curriculum completion.

All Courses/Curriculums Transcript

Presents an inclusive overview of the user's entire learning journey, including ongoing and completed courses.

These default templates provide users with flexibility and customization options, allowing them to choose the transcript format that best suits their preferences and reporting needs.

Learn admins can create custom transcript templates from the Admin Portal. Click here to learn more.

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